Public Notice Publish June 24, 2022 REGU

Public Notice Publish June 24, 2022 REGULAR MEETING BOARD OF EDUCATION ALEXANDRIA PUBLIC SCHOOLS ALEXANDRIA, MINNESOTA MAY 16, 2022 The regular meeting of the Board of Education of Alexandria School District, Alexandria, Minnesota, was called to order by School Board Chairperson Angie Krebs at 7:00 p.m. in the District Office Oak Conference Room, Alexandria, Minnesota. School Board Members Present: Angie Krebs, Dave Anderson, Alan Zeithamer, Sandy Susag, Pam Carlson, Dean Anderson, and Maureen Eigen and (ex-officio) Superintendent Rick Sansted. Absent: None Administrators Present: Michelle Bethke-Kaliher, Trevor Peterson, Darcy Josephson, Jessie Hjelle and Lynn Jenc Others: Jill Johnson, Maggie Timm and 23 guests APPROVAL OF AGENDA Motion by Susag, seconded by Carlson, to approve the May 16, 2022 agenda. Ayes 7 Nays 0 Motion Carried. CONSENT AGENDA Motion by Dave Anderson, seconded by Zeithamer, to approve the Consent Agenda as follows: • approve the minutes of the regular board meeting held on April 18, 2022 • ratify the payment of the April 2022 claims • approve the revenue and expenditure reports for April 2022 • approve employment agreements • approve coaching/co-curricular agreements • approve additional positions • approve resignations • approve leave of absence request • approve retirements • approve a termination •approve donations and grants • approve extended field trips • approve a fundraising activity • approve the first reading of the following district policies: • Policy 414 – Mandated Reporting of Child Neglect or Physical or Sexual Abuse • Policy 415 – Mandated Reporting of Maltreatment of Vulnerable Adults • Policy 506 – District-Wide Student Discipline • adopt the following district policies: • Policy 303 – Superintendent Selection • Policy 315 – Emergency Closing • Policy 705 – Investments • Policy 801 – Equal Access to Facilities of Secondary Schools • Policy 808 – Naming New Facilities • Policy 809 – Naming Rights • Policy 908 – Rewards to Solving a Crime • approve school district agreements Vote on Consent Agenda: Ayes 7 Nays 0 Motion Carried. REPORTS AND DISCUSSION ITEMS Early Education and Transition Center Updates. ACCEPT A COMP ANNUAL REPORT Motion by Dean Anderson, seconded by Zeithamer, to accept the 2021-2022 A Comp Annual Report. Ayes 7 Nays 0 Motion Carried. APPROVE FINAL REVISION OF FISCAL YEAR 2021-2022 BUDGET Motion by Zeithamer, seconded by Carlson, to approve the final revision of Fiscal Year 2021-2022 Budget. Ayes 7 Nays 0 Motion Carried. APPROVE ONGOING SCHOOL BOARD COMMUNICATION PROCESS Motion by Zeithamer, seconded by Dean Anderson, to approve an ongoing process for the future: In addition to the current practice of accepting public comment by email and publishing those comments, along with a response from the board, on the website; and in addition to the current practice of holding a 30-minute period prior to each board meeting where up to three members of the board and the superintendent will be available for members of the public to sign up ahead of time to address those members for up to three minutes each, a summary of all comments heard during these sessions will be provided to the full board at the end of that night’s regular meeting and the superintendent will be charged with drafting a response to each comment during the week following the meeting to be posted on the website; a 30-minute period for Delegations and Individuals will be placed at the end of the regular board meeting, after Administrative Team and School Board Member reports, with the following guidelines: (1) individuals wishing to address the full board must sign up ahead and submit their comments in writing by 4:00pm on the Wednesday prior to the regular board meeting to ensure time for board members to read the communication and for administration to look into any issues brought forward in order to provide context and an opportunity for board members to have a conversation from an informed perspective, (2) each speaker who has signed up by the established deadline will have up to three minutes to speak, with a maximum of 10 speakers, (3) each speaker must meet policy guidelines regarding expectations on civil discourse – the audience will be held to these standards as well, if not, the board chair will use the gavel to restore order, if order cannot be restored the meeting will be adjourned, (4) if incivility or disruption in general occurs during the Delegations and Individuals portion of the agenda, the process will come under immediate review by the whole board to determine next steps. Ayes 7 Nays 0 Motion Carried. ADJOURNMENT There being no further business to come before the School Board at this time, the meeting adjourned at 9:16 p.m. ATTEST: /s/Angela Krebs Chairperson /s/Dean Anderson Clerk 75790