Public Notice Publish June 22, 2022 The

Public Notice Publish June 22, 2022 The Board of Commissioners in and for the County of Douglas, State of Minnesota, met in Regular Session this 17th day of May 2022. The full text is available for public inspection in the County Auditor/Treasurer’s Office. To approve the agenda. Motion carried. To approve minutes of the May 3, 2022, Regular Meeting as submitted. Motion carried. To approve Resolution 22-44 supporting the grant application made to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to provide funding under our supplemental boating safety patrol program to cover the cost of additional boating safety patrol of lakes and rivers in the county. Motion carried. To certify the following Wildlife Management habitat easements: Wildlife Habitat Protection easement the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services secured from Timothy and Julie Zunker; Wildlife Habitat Protection easement the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services secured from Daniel and Justin Evavold; Wildlife Habitat Protection easement the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services secured from Barak Bjorge and Katie Letourneau-Bjorge; and the Waterfowl Management Rights easement the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services secured from Richard Schwardt Family Trust. Motion carried. To adopt Resolution 22-45 designating the Port Authority to implement and administer a property assessed clean energy improvement financing on behalf of the County and providing for the imposition of special assessments as needed in connection with that program. Motion carried. To approve Resolution 22-46 adopting a special assessment under the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Program. Motion carried. To adopt Resolution 22-50 regarding lawful gambling activity for West Moe Lutheran Church. Motion carried. To adopt Resolution 22-50A regarding lawful gambling activity for United Way of Douglas & Pope Counties. Motion carried. To approve a permit for 1-4 Day Temporary On-Sale Liquor License for BPOE Lodge 1685 to serve on-sale liquor on the premises of the Anderson Farm located at 2350 County Road 45 SW, Alexandria during the ‘Anderson Bash’ to be held July 1-2, 2022. Motion carried. To adopt Resolution 22-51 establishing ballot boards. Motion carried. To designate Commissioner Englund and Commissioner Rapp to the 2022 county canvassing board. Motion carried. To direct Tim Erickson, Public Works Director, to develop a design, construction schedule, and cost for maintenance on Pike Road in Carlos Township. Motion carried. To approve removing conference room 7 from internal and external use and redesignating it as the Veterans utility room for a six-month trial period. Senior Services must use other meeting room space elsewhere. Motion carried. To adopt Resolution 22-47 accepting the donation of funds in the amount of $250.00 donated by Elden’s Fresh Foods to be used for promotional materials for the TRIAD event. Motion carried. Laurie Bonds, Community Human Services Director shared that Sobriety First Treatment Center plans to provide outpatient substance use disorder services in Alexandria. Local Advisory Council shared information and submitted a petition regarding unmet health needs in Douglas County to the Board. To approve the following Excavator/Landscaper license: • Pullins Excavating, LLC; 56742 County Highway 46; Parkers Prairie, MN 56361 Motion carried. To approve the Preliminary Plat – McClellan First Addition {12-0754-325} on pt of Lot 2, Block 1, Mc Clellan Addition. Section 21 (Carlos Township). Zoning RS(GDS) Lake Carlos. Owner and Subdivider: Ronald J McClellan and Michelle J Mc Clellan. Motion carried. To approve Preliminary Plat – Cowdry Beach {27-0414-050} on pt of Blocks B & C; & Lots 15, 16, 17, & pt of Lot 18, Block A, & That pt of Carlson Drive all in Carlson’s Beach, Carlsons Beach. Section 11 (LaGrand Township). Zoning RS(GDS) Lake Cowdry, RS(RDS) Lake Stony, And RS (NES, Class B) Lake Lottie. Owner and Subdivider: Daniel J and Briana Weber with condition(s). Motion carried. To approve Preliminary Plat – Lakeside Adventures {09-0058-935} on pt of S’ly pt of SE4SE4 lying E’ly of cl of CSAH 16; SW pt of SW4SW4 (Sec 4); & Pt of G. Lot 3 W of Little Chippewa Rd (Sec 9). Section 4, 5, and 9 (Brandon Township). Zoning RS(RDS) Little Chippewa Lake. Owner and Subdivider: Steven R and Maralee K Moen. Motion carried. To approve Conditional Use Permit – Willow Storage Properties LLC {24-0982-000} for a conditional use permit to allow a commercial self-storage facility consisting of ten buildings with 203 units on Lot 1, Block 1, O Ryan Estates. Section 32 (Ida Township) with conditions. Motion carried. Dave Rush, Land and Resource Management Director reported that the lake levels in the area are high. The County Board took a break from 10:17 a.m. to 10:29 a.m. To reject all bids for CSAH 45 & 82 Roundabout. Motion carried. To award the Douglas County Library parking lot resurfacing project to Central Specialties in the amount of $57,523.00. Moneys will be transferred from the general fund to cover unbudgeted project costs. Motion carried. To adopt Resolution 22-48 approving the 2022-2027 State of Minnesota Master Partnership Contract. Motion carried. To designate 1st Avenue East from the first Osakis Public School parking lot to the second parking entrance on the West side of 1st Ave East (County Road 3) as a no parking zone. Motion carried. To adopt Resolution 22-49 to apply for grant funding for Kensington Rune Stone Park’s Discovery Site rehabilitation. Motion carried. To pay bills in the amount of $692,969.41 as follows: VENDOR NAME COUNT AMOUNT OTHER VENDORS 139 $65,714.51 ALEXANDRIA LIGHT & POWER $10,415.39 ARNQUIST CARPETSPLUS COLORTILE $4,693.46 BANK OF AMERICA $37,354.51 BPH HOLDINGS INC $2,644.49 BUETOW 2 ARCHITECTS, INC. $2,134.40 CONTEGRITY GROUP INC $13,645.85 COLE PAPERS INC $9,223.46 COMPASS MINERALS AMERICA INC. $28,702.14 CONSULTING SOLUTIONS LLC $4,000.00 CORELOGIC CENTRALIZED REFUNDS $18,430.44 DOUG CO SOIL & WATER CONS DIST $3,960.00 DOUGLAS CO AREA TRAILS ASSN $7,372.09 DELL MARKETING L.P. $4,065.69 DISTINCTIVE CABINET DESIGN INC $3,085.60 DOUGLAS COUNTY PUBLIC WORKS $2,448.71 ECHO ELECTRIC LLC $23,504.39 ELLINGSON PLUMBING & HEATING $2,001.22 ENTERPRISE FLEET MANAGEMENT TRUST $27,701.60 H & R CONSTRUCTION COMPANY $3,115.72 HIWAY AMOCO, INC $6,928.50 JLG ARCHITECTS $4,082.95 JOHNSON CONTROLS INC $53,641.46 LOCATORS & SUPPLIES, INC. $3,156.47 MID CENTRAL DOOR COMPANY $8,396.08 MINNESOTA DEPT OF TRANSPORTATION $2,525.83 MINNESOTA HIGHWAY SAFETY RESEARCH CENTER $4,820.00 MARCO TECHNOLOGIES LLC $2,077.59 MARTINSON SNOW SERVICES LLC $3,450.17 MINNESOTA CO INTERGOVERNMENTAL TRUST $2,206.40 MINNESOTA DEPT OF REVENUE $118,095.31 MN DEPT OF FINANCE $14,052.00 MN DEPT OF REVENUE $69,729.15 NOVA FIRE PROTECTION $2,688.00 NORTH CENTRAL INTERNATIONAL OF ALEX LLC $3,956.61 NORTHLAND DRAINAGE & TILE $2,640.00 RWB EMERGENCY LIGHTING LLC $9,913.14 SWARTZ BROTHERS ASSOCIATES, INC $2,500.00 VENDOR XXX10 $2,508.00 STEIN’S, INC $3,544.50 SUMMIT FIRE PROTECTION $13,976.40 TRADESMEN CONSTRUCTION, INC/THE $42,136.30 VERIZON WIRELESS $2,823.65 WIDSETH SMITH NOLTING & ASSC $12,500.00 WEST CENTRAL MINNESOTA COMMUNITY ACTION $2,310.00 WEST CENTRAL MN PETROLEUM LLC $6,564.38 WEST CENTRAL REGIONAL JUV CTR $10,641.00 WILDLIFE FOREVER $2,296.04 4IMPRINT, INC. $4,595.81 GRAND TOTAL $692,969.41 Motion carried. To table the revised Counties Providing Technology Joint Powers Agreement until the next County Board Meeting. Motion carried. A citizen voiced concerns about voter fraud and asked the Board to consider getting rid of voting machines and going back to hand counting ballots. Vicki Doehling, Auditor Treasurer explained that the electronic voting machines are all locked down and not connected via WIFI and studies have shown more errors would occur with hand counting versus using the secured election voting machines. To adjourn the meeting at 11:06 a.m. Motion carried. 74817