Public Notice Publish June 22, 2022 Emer

Public Notice Publish June 22, 2022 Emergency Session 6/8/22 The Board of Commissioners in and for the County of Douglas, State of Minnesota, met in Emergency Session this 8th day of June 2022. The full text is available for public inspection in the County Auditor/Treasurer’s Office. The Board received an update on the storm damage to Douglas County from the May 30, 2022, Memorial Day Tornado/Storms from Julie Anderson, Emergency Manager. Stacy Honkomp, County Assessor, gave a report on the work on property tax relief for property damaged or destroyed by the natural disaster they have been performing. Senator Westrom spoke regarding the disaster and answer questions from Commissioners. To approve Resolution 22-53 extending the previously declared State of Emergency for thirty additional days for conditions resulting from the severe storms and tornado event of May 12 and May 30, 2022. Motion carried. To under Minnesota Statute 12.37, approve the appropriation of up to $100,000, from Fund 3, for Emergency Response, as a result of the May 30, 2022, Memorial Day Tornado/Storms. All payments to be approved by Board Chair/Emergency Manager. Motion carried. The board discussed recommending to ALASD that they waive sewer charges for those affect by the tornado, who homes are not habitable. City of Forada is working with ALASD on this issue. To approve the Temporary Special Controls Amendment to Water Surface Use Ordinance No. 062309A for Maple Lake. Motion carried. To approve the agreement with Duininck Construction, Inc., in the amount of $1.00, for use of gravel mine for the purpose of temporary collection of tree and brush debris and subsequent grinding and removal, expiring on December 1, 2022. Additionally, the Board permitted Dave Rush, Land and Resource Director to sign the agreement. Motion carried. Representative Mary Franson spoke of potential for a future sales tax exemption for debris clean up due to a natural disaster in upcoming legislative sessions. Troy Wolbersen, Sheriff, gave an update on the work his department has been doing in response to the tornado and took questions from the Commissioners. By consensus, the meeting was adjourned at 10:14 a.m. 74822