Public Notice Publish July 27, 2022 The

Public Notice Publish July 27, 2022 The Board of Commissioners in and for the County of Douglas, State of Minnesota, met in Regular Session this 6th day of July 2022. The full text is available for public inspection in the County Auditor/Treasurer’s Office. To approve the agenda with revisions. Motion carried. To approve minutes of the June 15, 2022, Regular Meeting as submitted. Motion carried. To approve minutes of the June 15, 2022, Board of Equalization Meeting as submitted. Motion carried. To table the Wildlife Management Habitat Easement secured from E.A.S. fka: Evansville Area Sportsmen until such time that 75’ easements for road work can be negotiated. Motion carried. Ann Stehn, Administrator, Horizon Public Health, presented the Horizon Public Health 2021 Annual Report to the Board. To adopt Resolution 22-58 providing for the Sale of $7,155,000 General Obligation Solid Waste Revenue Bonds, Series 2022A. Motion carried. To adopt Resolution 22-59 authorizing the County to Enter into a Credit Enhancement Program Agreement with the Minnesota Public Facilities Authority. Motion carried. To approve creating a new full time Library Reference Services position (slot #10015, to be graded/valued) and eliminating the full time Reference Librarian position (slot #10011). Create a part time Library Outreach Coordinator (slot #10016, to be graded/valued) effective 1/1/2023 and eliminate the Library Clerk - Seasonal position (slot # 10006) effective 12/31/2022. Motion carried. To approve to fill the open full time Library Clerk position and any subsequent vacancies. Motion carried. To approve the renewal contracts for the Township of Lake Mary and the City of Garfield for 4 years of assessing services performed by the County Assessor Department. Motion carried. To approve the Community Social Service Director as authorized signer of the Local Collaborative Time Study (LCTS) contract. Motion carried. To approve to fill the Eligibility Worker vacancy and all subsequent vacancies. Motion carried. To approve mediation regarding the provider of 2023 Families and Children managed care services in Douglas County and resulting Resolution 22-62 objection to 2023 Minnesota Department of Human Services selection of participating health plans. Motion carried. To adopt Resolution 22-60 regarding lawful gambling activity for Minnesota High School Rodeo Association, Inc. Motion carried. To deny David Newhall’s request for abatement of $137.88 late penalty on parcel number 63-4107-320. Motion carried. To adopt Resolution 22-61 supporting the Grant Application for a Mountain Bike Trail at Lake Brophy County Park. Motion carried. To approve increasing the Beaver Bounty to $100. Motion carried. To move into Closed Session at 10:17 a.m. as permitted by Minnesota Statutes Section13D.05, Subd 3(c) to discuss offer relating to the County’s possible purchase of Lot-1, Block-1, of NORTH POND Subdivision in the Northeast Quarter of the Northeast Quarter of Section-3, Township 127 North, Range-38 West of the 5th Principal Meridian, Douglas County, Minnesota, Containing Ac 6.41. ±15.79 Acres in the Northwest quarter of Section 2, Township 127 North, Range 38 West of the 5th Principal Meridian, Douglas County, Minnesota. ±11.00 Acres in the East 1⁄2 of the Northeast quarter of Section 3, Township 127 North, Range 38 West of the 5th Principal Meridian, Douglas County, Minnesota. Motion carried. The County Board moved out of Closed Session at 10:45 a.m. To allow Tim Erickson, Public Works Director, to use a Real Estate Attorney for a potential real estate purchase. Motion carried. The County Board took a break from 10:48 a.m. to 10:52 a.m. To approve the following Excavator/Landscaper licenses: • Darrell Johnson; 3108 Pioneer Rd SE; Alexandria, MN 56308 • Picture Perfect Homes; LaDon Washburn; 17875 Co Rd 30; New Germany, MN 55367 Motion carried. To approve Final Plat – McClellan First Addition {12-0754-325}. Motion carried. To approve Final Plat – Canavati Addition {09-0217-000}. Motion carried. To approve Preliminary Plat – Hockerts Third Subdivision {39-0181-150; 39-0181-160; and 39-0181-170} on Lots 7, 8, and 9, Block 1, Hockerts Subdivision. Section 16 (Millerville Township). Zoning RS(RDS) Lake Aaron. Owners and Subdividers: Kevin G. Hockert, Hockert Family Ltd Part, and Dale and Judith Boeckman with conditions. Motion carried. To approve Preliminary Plat – Second Addition to Sunset Strip {24-0820-000} on 1.6 + acres in Government Lot 2. Sections 25 and 36 (Ida Township). Zoning RS(GDS) Lake Ida. Owner and Subdivider: Ritchie J Burkey with conditions. Motion carried. To enter into a Developer’s Agreement for the Second Addition to Sunset Strip. Motion carried. To approve the partial release of escrow for Hertwig Point Subdivision. Motion carried. A draft of the Long Prairie Comprehensive Watershed Plan was presented to the Board. Dave Rush, Land and Resource Director provided an update to the Board on the high water levels in County Lakes. By consensus, the Board approv- ed efforts to do a second round of clean up on Maple Lake following the tornado/storm damage on May 30th. Julie Anderson, Emergency Management Director and Dave Rush, Land and Resource Director provided an update on the May 30, 2022, tornado/storm recovery efforts to the Board. To pay bills in the amount of $30,938,598.62 as follows: VENDOR NAME COUNT AMOUNT A & E PLUMBING & HEATING INC 9,920.00 ALEXANDRIA TWP TREASURER 431,027.14 ALEXANDRIA AREA ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT 22,500.00 ALEXANDRIA CITY CLERK-TREAS 4,982,973.74 ALEXANDRIA HRA 149,155.14 ALEXANDRIA LAKE AREA SANITARY DISTRICT 110,524.51 ALEXANDRIA LAKES AREA CHAMBER 2,000.00 ALEXANDRIA LIGHT & POWER 17,913.12 AMAZON CAPITAL SERVICES INC 4,320.42 AMERICAN SOLUTIONS FOR BUSINESS 10,866.21 ARAMARK SERVICES INC 18,203.86 BELLE RIVER TWP TREASURER 52,545.59 BRANDON CITY CLERK - TREASURER 204,727.44 BLOMBECK CONSTRUCTION INC. 211,010.69 BRANDON TOWNSHIP TREASURER 171,294.30 BREMER BONDS & INTEREST 1,267,209.03 BRIAN’S REPAIR & TIRE SERVICE 3,338.00 CARLOS CITY TREASURER 99,244.51 CARLOS TOWNSHIP TREASURER 253,347.08 CENTERPOINT ENERGY 3,960.12 CENTRAL MINNESOTA ELDER NETWORK 8,000.00 CENTRAL SPECIALTIES INC 56,278.55 CLARKE AQUATIC SERVICES INC 9,441.10 COLE PAPERS INC 3,487.23 CONSULTING SOLUTIONS LLC 4,000.00 COUNTIES PROVIDING TECHNOLOGY 6,665.00 DOUG CO SOIL & WATER CONS DIST 134,959.00 DOUGLAS CO AGRICULTURAL ASSN 20,000.00 DOUGLAS COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY 15,000.00 DOUGLAS COUNTY HRA 486,774.11 DELL MARKETING L.P. 5,157.26 DOUGLAS COUNTY AUDITOR-TREASURER 15,450,751.15 DOUGLAS COUNTY DAC 2,017.82 DUTCHER LAW OFFICE LLC 3,480.74 EVANSVILLE CITY TREASURER 183,848.89 EVANSVILLE TWP TREASURER 71,164.16 ESRI 38,500.00 FORADA CITY TREASURER 86,649.21 FRONTIER PRECISION INC 4,990.00 FARSTAD OIL, INC 36,648.32 GARFIELD CITY TREASURER 90,933.49 GEOCOMM INC 2,090.00 HOLMES CITY TWP TREASURER 95,135.58 HUDSON TOWNSHIP TREASURER 359,998.10 IDA TOWNSHIP TREASURER 623,620.69 ISD 206 149,323.00 ISD 213 12,113.42 ISD 2342 4,157.26 ISD 2908 BRANDON-EVANSVILLE SCHOOL 25,697.73 ISD 547 4,242.70 KENSINGTON CITY TREASURER 28,531.70 KENSINGTON SANITARY DISTRICT 31,984.53 KRONOS SAASHR INC 5,840.77 LA GRAND TOWNSHIP TREASURER 713,365.69 LAKE MARY TWP TREASURER 235,734.58 LAKES AREA HUMANE SOCIETY 10,000.00 LEAF VALLEY TWP TREASURER 158,815.70 LAKE IRENE PRESERVATION ASSOCIATION 15,000.00 LAKE RESTORATION INC 10,000.00 LAKES AREA ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ASSN 101,423.23 LUND TOWNSHIP TREASURER 64,474.61 MILLERVILLE CITY CLERK/TREAURER 15,424.61 MILLERVILLE TWP TREASURER 82,885.64 MILTONA CITY TREASURER 103,652.12 MILTONA TWP TREASURER 269,975.31 MINNESOTA STATE TREASURER 2,908.60 MORICAL BROTHERS INC 31,889.00 MARCO TECHNOLOGIES LLC 5,655.04 MINNESOTA DEPT OF REVENUE 263,300.76 MINNESOTA POLLUTION CONTROL AGENCY 2,231.18 MN DEPT OF FINANCE 15,075.50 MN DEPT OF REVENUE 208,641.81 MOE TOWNSHIP TREASURER 257,830.77 NEGEN’S INVESTIGATIVE SERVICES LLC 4,000.00 NELSON CITY CLERK/TREASURER 22,336.58 NORTHERN SAFETY TECHNOLOGY 2,178.52 NEXUS-MILLE LACS FAMILY HEALING 8,197.95 ORANGE TOWNSHIP TREASURER 52,340.58 OSAKIS CITY CLERK/TREASURER 478,104.05 OSAKIS ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION 2,278.00 OSAKIS TWP TREASURER 158,526.32 OXCYON INC 13,500.00 PRIMARY PRODUCTS COMPANY 3,780.00 PAUL’S SMALL ENGINE 5,557.50 POPE DOUGLAS SOLID WASTE 1,182,607.97 RUNESTONE MUSEUM 10,000.00 RAINBOW RIDER TRANSIT 13,583.33 RATWIK ROSZAK & MALONEY PA 2,513.13 SAUK RIVER WATERSHED DISTRICT 31,788.88 SOLEM TOWNSHIP TREASURER 29,044.28 SPRUCE HILL TWP TREASURER 64,704.49 SEACHANGE PRINT INNOVATIONS 11,972.64 URNESS TOWNSHIP TREASURER 49,530.76 WEST CENTRAL INITIATIVE 8,250.00 WEST CENTRAL MN PETROLEUM LLC 33,816.90 OTHER VENDORS 160 94,140.18 GRAND TOTAL $30,938,598.62 Motion carried. To approve new Boiler Feed Tank for the Services Center in the amount of $23,762.00. Motion carried. To approve Huston Engineering to perform a study on Nelson Lake. Motion carried. To allow for per diem for Alexandria Senior Center Advisory Committee meetings for Commissioner Jerry Rapp. Motion carried. To accept the County Commissioner Reports including the results of the information gathering or liaison activities; confirming the matters before the board necessitates the committee activity; and such activities has been authorized by the full county board. This motion also authorizes payment of such per diem and travel reimbursement as that individual Commissioners is authorized for, for in performing such duties as requested by completion of the per diem/travel voucher submitted. Motion carried. There were no items from the floor. To adjourn the meeting at 12:24 p.m. Motion carried. 84199