Public Notice Publish January 26, 2022 T

Public Notice Publish January 26, 2022 The Board of Commissioners in and for the County of Douglas, State of Minnesota, met in Special Session this 4th day of January 2022. The full text is available for public inspection in the County Auditor/Treasurer’s Office. To approve the agenda. Motion carried. To approve minutes of the December 21, 2021, Regular Meeting, as submitted. Motion carried. To adopt the Resolution 22-06 supporting the Grant Contract Agreement for the 2022 and 2023 Violent Crime Enforcement Teams 2022 Grant Program. Motion carried. To adopt Resolution 22-07 supporting the Grant Application for the two-year State of Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Off Highway Vehicle Safety Grant Agreement. Motion carried. To approve the 2022 Central MN Mental Health Center contract, as presented by Laurie Bonds, Community Human Services Director. Motion carried. To approve filling to fill a full time Assistant Public Works Director/Assistant County Engineer vacancy and any subsequent vacancies. Motion carried. To grant permission to testify at the Legislative Hearing for PLSS Remonumentation. Motion carried. To approve out of state travel for Public Works personnel. Motion carried. To adopt Resolution 22-08 regarding lawful gambling activity for Ducks Unlimited State Committee Chapter MN 001. Motion carried. To adopt Resolution 22-09 regarding lawful gambling activity for Vikingland Sponsors-Ducks Unlimited. Motion carried. To pay bills in the amount of $1,630,857.73 as follows: VENDOR NAME COUNT AMOUNT OTHER VENDORS 177 $79,771.73 A & E PLUMBING & HEATING INC $2,673.87 AAA STRIPING SERVICE CO. $10,463.04 ALEXANDRIA LIGHT & POWER $11,778.23 ALOMERE HEALTH $8,552.95 AMAZON.COM $2,889.93 AMERICAN SOLUTIONS FOR BUSINESS $7,444.63 ANOKA COUNTY TREASURY OFFICE $22,150.00 ARNQUIST CARPETSPLUS COLORTILE $117,028.81 AXON ENTERPRISE INC $4,954.99 BOB BARKER COMPANY INC $3,509.14 BUETOW 2 ARCHITECTS, INC. $3,000.00 CHAPPELL CENTRAL, INC $5,539.45 CONTEGRITY GROUP INC $19,976.00 CENTERPOINT ENERGY $20,316.62 CLIFTONLARSONALLEN, LLP $10,984.89 COLE PAPERS INC $4,282.57 CONSULTING SOLUTIONS LLC $4,000.00 COOKS CORRECTIONAL $4,628.90 COUNTIES PROVIDING TECHNOLOGY $6,515.00 DOUG CO SOIL & WATER CONS DIST $94,574.00 DOUGLAS CO AREA TRAILS ASSN $66,348.87 DATAWORKS PLUS LLC $7,284.00 DERBY INDUSTRIES $5,629.76 DIESEL LAPTOPS LLC $2,089.00 DISTINCTIVE CABINET DESIGN INC $9,200.75 DUTCHER LAW OFFICE LLC $3,699.31 ECOLAB $4,432.05 FARSTAD OIL, INC $18,816.39 GOVERNMENT CAPITAL SECURITIES $5,400.00 GUNION PAINTING LLC $9,666.25 HILLTOP LUMBER, INC. $6,481.91 HEARTLAND GLASS COMPANY, INC. $2,487.10 HEGG LAW OFFICE $2,720.00 HENRICKSEN PSG $392,576.83 INNOVATIVE OFFICE SOLUTIONS LLC $6,185.62 JOHNSON CONTROLS INC $17,255.00 VENDOR XX81 $39,000.00 KRONOS SAASHR INC $5,505.60 LEGACY OF THE LAKES MARITIME MUSEUM $3,535.00 MILTONA TWP TREASURER $219,140.85 MINNERATH CONSTRUCTION COMPANY INC $9,115.10 MOTOROLA $39,496.77 MARCO TECHNOLOGIES LLC $5,199.08 MCIT $3,755.00 MEND CORRECTIONAL CARE LLC $14,765.06 NEOGOV $7,953.12 NORTHLAND BUSINESS SYSTEMS $5,541.28 PREMIER TEST & BALANCE INC $7,790.00 STEEL CELL OF NORTH AMERICA, INC $11,040.00 SAYER LAW GROUP/THE $151,000.00 SERVICEMASTER OF THE LAKES AREA $2,091.71 SHUTTER’S TIRE & AUTO INC $8,650.76 STATE OF MINNESOTA SURPLUS SERVICES $6,975.00 STREICHER’S $2,210.70 THORNTON, DOLAN, BOWEN, KLECKER & BURKHAMMER $2,796.00 VCI ENVIRONMENTAL, INC $5,477.00 VOSS PLUMBING & HEATING $43,844.50 VOYANT COMMUNICATIONS LLC $2,371.40 WIDSETH SMITH NOLTING & ASSC $12,500.00 WEST CENTRAL MN DRUG & VIOLENT CRIME $5,000.00 WEST CENTRAL MN PETROLEUM LLC $8,341.00 WHITING/DOUG $2,455.21 GRAND TOTAL $1,630,857.73 Motion carried. To allow per diem for the December 16, 2021, Lake Burgen Open House held at Public Works. Motion carried. To accept the County Commissioner Reports including the results of the information gathering or liaison activities; confirming the matters before the board necessitates the committee activity; and such activities has been authorized by the full county board. This motion also authorizes payment of such per diem and travel reimbursement as that individual Commissioners is authorized for, for in performing such duties as requested by completion of the per diem/travel voucher submitted. Motion carried. By consensus the meeting was adjourned at 9:58 a.m. 25408