Public Notice Publish January 12, 2022 T

Public Notice Publish January 12, 2022 The Board of Commissioners in and for the County of Douglas, State of Minnesota, met in Regular Session this 21st day of December 2021. The full text is available for public inspection in the County Auditor/Treasurer’s Office. To approve the agenda. Motion carried. To approve minutes of the December 2, 2021, Regular Meeting and December 2, 2021, Budget Hearing Meeting, as submitted. Motion carried. To approve terminating PrimeHealth medical plan, effective 12/31/2022. Motion carried. Heather Schlangen, County Coordinator, presented information to the Board regarding the MN Counties Intergovernmental Trust Certificate of Excellence Douglas County received for outstanding experience in Workers’ Compensation plan years 2018-2020 and thanked Stephanie Hadler, Human Resource & Risk Management Strategic Business Partner, and Department Heads and staff for their efforts working safely and managing job related risks. To approve Alexandria Technical College’s proposal for retraining assistance for unemployed workers using up to $500,000 in ARPA Funding. Motion carried. To approve Resolution 21-130 accepting the donation of Two Hundred Fifty and NO/100 Dollars ($250.00) from the Rotary Club of Alexandria MN, to be used for the Douglas County Sheriff’s Honor Guard. Motion carried. To approve Resolution 21-131 accepting the donation of Two Hundred Fifty and NO/100 Dollars ($250.00) from the Minnesota Sheriff’s Association to be used for the Douglas County Sheriff’s Honor Guard. Motion carried. To approve the 2022 Civil Process Fee Schedule for Law Enforcement. Motion carried. To approve Resolution 21-132 authorizing county staff to execute all necessary documents to ensure County participation in the multistate settlements relating to opioid distributors and manufacturers, and in the Minnesota Opioids State-Subdivision Memorandum of Agreement, and declaring support for an amendment to Minn. Stat. § 256.043, subd. 3(d). Motion carried. To approve filling a full time Adult Services/Reference Library vacancy, full time Lead Clerk vacancy, and any subsequent vacancies. Motion carried. To reappoint Pamela Campbell to a second term as the at-large member of the Library Board. Motion carried. The Public Hearing was opened at 9:30 a.m. regarding the acceptance of the Final Report for County Ditch 17 tile improvement project. Tom Anderson, Ditch Inspector, announced that the public hearing had been advertised. Chris Otterness, PE, from Houston Engineering, Inc. conducted a presentation on the close out of the project. No comments from the public. The County Board closed the Public Hearing at 9:48 a.m. The County Board took a break from 9:49 a.m. to 9:57 a.m. To accept Final Engineer’s Report for County Ditch 17, accept the project as complete, and authorize the final payment of $44,513.50 to Voss Plumbing and Heating of Paynesville, Inc. Motion carried. No quotes were received for removal of trees, brush, and debris from the ditch channel, slopes, and east ditch bank out 20 feet along CD #6 on the Good Shepherd Evangelical property in Section 4 of Alexandria in County Ditch 6. To approve 2022 County Ditch Special Assessments and Loan Adjustments. Motion carried. To adopt Resolution 21-133 for the Contract Final – SAP 021-609-012 (CSAH 9). Motion carried. To set the 5-Year Highway Improvement Plan Public Hearing date for 9:01 a.m. on January 18, 2022, in the Douglas County Administration Building Board Room, 821 Cedar Street, Alexandria, MN. Motion carried. To award bids to lowest qualified bidder for Lake Brophy County Park Visitor’s Center (Tradesmen Construction for base bid of $1,676,000.00, Alternate 3 - Structural Bays & Roof Canopy $118,952.00, Unit Price 1: Steel Screens (per 10’ Panel) $3,500.00, and Unit Price 2: Electrical Wire (per 10’ Length) $375.00). Approve project budget of $1,990,270.70 (contingency included); authorization to secure remaining agreements and to execute contracts/proposals for those items; and authorize board chair to execute all aforementioned agreements. Motion carried. To approve set aside park shelter and campground reservation fees in a committed fund balance for future park use. Motion carried. To adopt Resolution 21-134 supporting CSAH 46 Bike Path. Motion carried. To adopt Resolution 21-135 assuming responsibility for maintenance on CSAH 46 Bike Path. Motion carried. To accept contract for Brophy Beach mechanical weed removal (including plant roots) from Waterfront Restorations, which includes 3 removals (before Memorial Day, 1 week before the 4th of July, 1 week after the 4th of July), in the amount of $13,500. Motion carried. To adopt Resolution 21-136 for the Contract Final – SP 088-070-071. Motion carried. To approve contracts for 2022 with Productive Alternatives, Inc., Alexandria Opportunity Center, a Program of Productive Alternatives, Inc., Lakeland Mental Health Center - Outpatient, Lakeland Mental Health Center - Pre-petition, and Resolution 21-139 Senior Coordinator Grant Award. Motion carried. To approve Resolution 21-137 accepting the donation of funds in the amount of $50.00 donated from Lake Christina WNALC to be used for Social Services clients of Douglas County. Motion carried. To approve the amended Douglas County Abatement Policy, as presented by Stacy Honkomp, County Assessor. Motion carried. To approve the abatement request as submitted by Alexandria City Assessor, reducing the taxable value of parcel #63-1309-500 by half in the amount of $123,700 and subsequent tax reduction for 2021 payable. Motion carried. To adopt Resolution 21-138 approving the revised Investment Policy. Motion carried. To pay bills in the amount of $24,420,983.44 as follows: VENDOR NAME COUNT AMOUNT OTHER VENDORS 253 $97,720.45 A & E PLUMBING & HEATING INC $3,427.06 ALEXANDRIA TWP TREASURER $327,462.12 AAA STRIPING SERVICE CO. $212,022.11 ALEXANDRIA CITY CLERK-TREAS $4,294,270.81 ALEXANDRIA HRA $126,519.13 ALEXANDRIA LAKE AREA SANITARY DISTRICT $101,255.91 ALEXANDRIA LIGHT & POWER $17,754.05 AMERICAN PLANNING ASSOCATION $6,148.97 ANOKA COUNTY TREASURY OFFICE $9,350.00 AXON ENTERPRISE INC $3,281.01 BELLE RIVER TWP TREASURER $43,543.84 BRANDON CITY CLERK*TREASURER $191,110.71 VENDOR XXX98 $14,148.00 BRANDON TOWNSHIP TREASURER $124,132.88 BREMER BONDS & INTEREST $868,395.92 CARLOS CITY TREASURER $80,623.94 CARLOS TOWNSHIP TREASURER $272,296.22 CHAPPELL CENTRAL, INC $2,906.99 CONTEGRITY GROUP INC $21,555.85 CORPORATE PAYMENT SYSTEMS $2,510.42 CENTERPOINT ENERGY $5,575.92 CENTRAL SPECIALTIES INC $58,764.42 CHIPPEWA RIVER WATERSHED ASSOCIATION $4,200.00 CHOSEN VALLEY TESTING INC $3,165.00 COMPASS MINERALS AMERICA INC. $32,837.59 CONSULTING SOLUTIONS LLC $4,000.00 DOUGLAS COUNTY HRA $383,745.31 DELL MARKETING L.P. $3,961.68 DLT SOLUTIONS, LLC $11,360.48 DOUGLAS COUNTY AUDITOR-TREASURER $12,010,639.89 EVANSVILLE CITY TREASURER $149,181.53 EVANSVILLE TWP TREASURER $23,149.61 ECHO ELECTRIC LLC $2,261.76 ENTERPRISE FLEET MANAGEMENT TRUST $23,120.65 FORADA CITY TREASURER $64,794.09 FARSTAD OIL, INC $22,065.71 FERGUSON BROTHERS EXCAVATING, INC $3,200.00 GARFIELD CITY TREASURER $113,745.46 GOOD NEIGHBORS-THE RUNE LLC $3,245.08 GUNION PAINTING LLC $6,038.20 HILLTOP LUMBER, INC. $10,802.39 HOLMES CITY TWP TREASURER $72,207.23 HUDSON TOWNSHIP TREASURER $259,904.80 HORIZON PUBLIC HEALTH $63,015.75 HOUSTON ENGINEERING INC $6,029.01 I.T. SOLUTIONS OF MINNESOTA LLC $5,376.00 IDA TOWNSHIP TREASURER $557,027.24 ISD 206 $386,748.56 ISD 213 $64,047.50 ISD 2149 $4,564.89 ISD 2342 $36,729.33 ISD 2908 BRANDON-EVANSVILLE SCHOOL $119,445.66 ISD 547 $34,905.57 JLG ARCHITECTS $12,820.50 JOHNSON CONTROLS INC $3,204.67 KENSINGTON CITY TREASURER $26,087.86 KENSINGTON SANITARY DISTRICT $29,191.70 KRIS ENGINEERING INC $55,870.36 KRONOS SAASHR INC $5,550.83 LA GRAND TOWNSHIP TREASURER $564,121.34 LAKE MARY TWP TREASURER $189,913.96 LAKES AREA LUMBER $2,020.88 LEAF VALLEY TWP TREASURER $128,872.37 LAKES AREA ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ASSN $84,011.36 LEXIPOL LLC $5,054.40 LUBE-TECH & PARTNERS LLC $2,210.61 LUND TOWNSHIP TREASURER $55,785.71 MILLERVILLE CITY CLERK*TREASR $6,547.57 MILLERVILLE TWP TREASURER $53,028.88 MILTONA CITY TREASURER $95,979.07 MILTONA TWP TREASURER $318,557.02 MINNESOTA STATE TREASURER $2,975.22 MOE TOWNSHIP TREASURER $187,137.64 MORICAL BROTHERS INC $10,332.12 MOTOROLA $38,904.57 VENDOR XXX99 $67,546.00 MINNESOTA DEPT OF REVENUE $145,824.06 MN DEPT OF FINANCE $14,029.00 MN DEPT OF REVENUE $125,235.60 MSA PROFESSIONAL SERVICES, INC $11,217.10 NELSON CITY CLERK*TREASURER $11,640.60 NORTHSIDE COLLISION CENTER INC $8,687.21 ORANGE TOWNSHIP TREASURER $22,396.88 OSAKIS CITY CLERK*TREASURER $384,169.46 OSAKIS TWP TREASURER $46,038.75 ONSOLVE LLC $20,685.00 PITNEY BOWES, INC $2,217.00 POPE DOUGLAS SOLID WASTE $5,528.10 SAUK RIVER WATERSHED DISTRICT $24,482.66 SOLEM TOWNSHIP TREASURER $23,102.06 SPRUCE HILL TWP TREASURER $49,159.24 STATE OF MINNESOTA $67,479.80 SERVICEMASTER OF THE LAKES AREA $20,510.25 SHUTTER’S TIRE & AUTO INC $2,137.76 SITEIMPROVE INC. $6,630.62 STEFFES GROUP INC. $2,365.00 STEIN’S, INC $2,265.70 TK ELEVATOR CORPORATION $26,830.60 TOM KRAEMER, INC $7,699.00 URNESS TOWNSHIP TREASURER $37,053.64 VERIZON WIRELESS $2,399.93 VOYAGER INDUSTRIES $4,000.00 WIDSETH SMITH NOLTING & ASSC $6,250.00 WEST CENTRAL MINNESOTA COMMUNITY ACTION $6,710.00 WEST CENTRAL MN PETROLEUM LLC $9,824.65 WHITING/DOUG $2,967.18 ZIEGLER, INC $5,429.25 GRAND TOTAL $24,420,983.44 Motion carried. To approve signing off on the board ratification statement in regard to the updated contract for TriMin and Minnesota Counties Computer Cooperative. Motion carried. To approve transferring the remaining excess fund balance from 2020 of $948,744 into the Capital Projects fund for future capital projects. Motion carried. To approve sending a letter of support to Representative Michelle Fischbach in regard to the State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial Fiscal Recovery, Infrastructure, and Disaster Relief Flexibility Act (S. 3011/H.R. 5735). Motion carried. To authorize ARPA funds in the amount of $21,700.16 to cover masks, filters, and glass furniture dividers bought by the County that qualify under the ARPA guidelines. Motion carried. The County Board took a break from 10:48 a.m. to 10:52 a.m. To approve the following Ash Landfill license: ? Pope/Douglas Solid Waste Management; 2115 Jefferson St; Alexandria, MN 56308. Motion carried. To approve the following Disposal Hauler licenses: ? Central Minnesota Containers, LLC.; DBA Bin There Dump That; 1706 Oak Knoll Dr NE; Alexandria, MN 56308 Dakota Rolloff Service, LLC.; 3410 39th St S; Fargo, ND 58104 Denzel’s Region Waste; 27766 Joten Lake Rd; Dalton, MN 56324 Long Prairie Sanitation, Inc.; PO Box 176 ; Long Prairie, MN 56347 Mattheisen Disposal, Inc.; 170 HWY 12 SE; Benson, MN 56215 Northern Metals, LLC.; DBA Northern Metal Recycling; 12432 Hancock St SE; Becker, MN 55308 Penner Waste, Inc.; 20153 Rd 15 N; Stanley, Manitoba R6P 0J1 Pope/Douglas Solid Waste Management; 2115 Jefferson St; Alexandria, MN 56308 West Central Sanitation, Inc.; 4089 Abbott Drive; Willmar, MN 56201 WW Erections, LTD.; DBA Osakis Silo Repair; 300 E Main St; Osakis, MN 56360 Motion carried. To approve the following Excavator/Landscaper licenses: 11-11 Landscaping, LLC.; PO Box 24; Nelson, MN 56355 Alex Lakes Area Excavating; 201 1St W; Carlos, MN 56319 Bitzan Backhoe Service; 14360 Co Rd 24 NW; Evansville, MN 56326 Bob’s Backhoe; 5570 Moon Lk Heights; Brandon, MN 56315 Central Specialties, Inc.; 6325 County Rd 87 SW; Alexandria, MN 56308 Custom Boardwalks & Permanent Docks, Inc.; 35058 Hwy 210 #585; Battle Lake, MN 56515 Don Henning Excavating, LLC.; 3619 N Lk Miltona Dr; Miltona, MN 56354 Doug’s Excavating, Inc.; 15961 County 65; Long Prairie, MN 56347 J & J Excavating, Inc.; 120 Kansas Ave SE; Staples MN 56479 JK Landscape Construction, LLC.; 19512 Hubble Rd; Clearwater, MN 55320 Ken Nelson Excavating & Contracting, LLC.; 6630 Co Rd 11 NW; Alexandria, MN 56308 Korblick Excavating, LLC.; 20105 County 84; Clarissa, MN 56440 Perc Plus, LLC.; 995 Ruby Street NW; Alexandria, MN 56308 Precision Grading, LLC.; 18546 Cable Ave; Lester Prairie, MN 55354 Quernemoen Construction & Excavating, LLC.; 1224 Vandyke Rd NW; Alexandria, MN 56308 RBS Excavating, LLC.; 17644 Co Rd 35 NW; Parkers Prairie, MN 56361 Rosengren Lawncare & Landscaping, LLC.; 2720 County Rd 120 NE; Alexandria, MN 56308 Shaw Excavating; 20776 State Hwy 29; Henning, MN 56551 Sondrol Excavating, Inc.; 21784 Hwy 55 N; Glenwood, MN 56334 Stennes Excavating, LLC.; 5350 Rockwood Ln SW; Alexandria, MN 56308 The Tradesmen Construction, Inc.; 4015 Minnesota Street; Alexandria, MN 56308 Tree Top Nursery & Landscaping, Inc.; 43278 CO Road 112 N HWY 71; Sauk Centre, MN 56378 Zacher Excavating, Inc.; 910 50th Ave SE; Alexandria, MN ? ZH Excavation, LLC.; PO Box 488; Brandon, MN 56315 Motion carried. To approve the following Sign Erection/Maintenance licenses: ? Indigo Signworks, LLC.; DBA Indigo Signs; 4133 Iowa St.; Alexandria, MN 56308 Newman Signs, Inc.; 1606 6th Ave SW; Jamestown, ND 58401 Motion carried. To approve the Final Plat for Nor Homestead 1st Addition {30-0232-025}. Motion carried. To approve the Preliminary Plat – Blue Moon {51-0374-000 and 51-0376-550} with conditions. Motion carried. To approve Conditional Use – Smith Lake Resort Inc {51-0374-000 and 51-0376-550} with conditions. Motion carried. To approve Preliminary Plat – Turtle Crossing {51-0374-000 and 51-0376-550} with conditions. Motion carried. To Preliminary Plat Walvatne Addition {30-0089-000} with condition(s). Motion carried. To adopt the proposed changes to the Douglas County Zoning Ordinance, Sections V and VIII, as recommended by the Planning Advisory Commission, that establishes a permit requirement and standards for the placement of rock riprap in shore impact zones, establishes a permit requirement and additional standards for vegetation clearing and soil grading in shoreland areas, and the removal of pervious pavement credit. The ordinance will be in effect for 1 year probation period. Motion carried. To approve the purchase of a used watercraft decontamination unit from the State Auction Website for not more than $7,000. Motion carried. To approve the 2022-2024 Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the University of Minnesota (Extension) and the Addendum to that MOA. Motion carried. To appoint Jacob Turner to a second term, as the Veterans Service Officer (VSO). Turner’s term of appointment is 4 years effective April 4, 2022 to April 3, 2026. Motion carried. To approve Heartland Glass proposal for improvements at the Service Center Elm Street Entrance in the amount of $12,357.00. Motion carried. There were no items from the floor. By consensus, the meeting was adjourned at 11:46 a.m. 21330