Public Notice Publish August 5, 2022 The

Public Notice Publish August 5, 2022 The Board of Commissioners in and for the County of Douglas, State of Minnesota, met in Regular Session this 19th day of July 2022. The full text is available for public inspection in the County Auditor/Treasurer’s Office. To approve agenda with revisions. Motion carried. To approve minutes of the July 6, 2022, Regular Meeting as submitted. Motion carried. To approve Memorandum of Agreement between Horizon Public Health and Douglas County for Hospice of Douglas County. Motion carried. Micayla Lakey, Watershed Coordinator from Pomme de Terre River Association provided an update on Pomme de Terre Watershed. To adopt Resolution 22-63 approving Douglas County to enter into a Grant Agreement with the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs (MDVA) to conduct the following Program: County Veterans Service Office Operational Enhancement Grant Program. Motion carried. To adopt Resolution 22-64 accepting the donation of funds in the amount of $100.00 donated by Dana and Mary Baker to be used for veterans in need. Motion carried. To adopt Resolution 22-65 accepting the donation of funds in the amount of $1,000.00 donated by the VFW Auxiliary to be used for veterans in need. Motion carried. To approve Laurie Bonds as authorized signer of the SenecaSearch Services contract. Motion carried. To approve Alexandria Public Schools Foster Care Transportation Agreement as presented by Laurie Bonds, Community Human Services Director. Motion carried. To approve the Title III-B Grant Application with Land of Dancing Sky as presented by Laurie Bonds, Community Human Services Director. Motion carried. To approve permitting a new Election Administrator PAQ be graded. Motion carried. Auditor/Treasurer Vicki Doehling presented to the Douglas County Board of Commissioners the Annual TIF Disclosure Reports for year ended 12/31/2021 for the cities of Brandon, Miltona, and Osakis. To approve awarding bid: SAP 021-645-007, etc. to Central Specialties in the amount of $2,248,140.41 and alternate #1 using bituminous surfacing treatment application in the amount of $331,552.00. Motion carried. To approve Engineering contract for bridge safety inspections with MSA Professional Services, Inc. in the amount of $12,360.00. Motion carried. To allow Pioneer Heritage Conservation Trust to place a sign on Douglas County Parcel 63-4100-639 with conditions. Motion carried. The County Board took a break from 9:37 a.m. to 9:51 a.m. Dave Rush, Land and Resource Director discussed minimum lot sizes for lots in Lakeshore Zoning Districts with the Board. To pay bills in the amount of $1,562,053.68 as follows: VENDOR NAME COUNT AMOUNT OTHER VENDORS 414 $170,134.21 ALEXANDRIA LIGHT & POWER $2,918.43 AMAZON.COM $2,207.58 ARAMARK SERVICES INC $18,794.28 ARNQUIST CARPETSPLUS COLORTILE $13,178.71 ARVIG $6,939.21 BARRETT AGRI INC $21,006.80 BLOMBECK CONSTRUCTION INC. $130,850.15 BUETOW 2 ARCHITECTS, INC. $3,414.90 CHAPPELL CENTRAL, INC $15,150.00 CENTERPOINT ENERGY $5,189.87 CENTRAL MARINE & SPORTS, INC $34,661.00 CENTRAL MN MENTAL HEALTH CENTER $4,750.00 CHOSEN VALLEY TESTING INC $2,139.00 CLAY COUNTY PUBLIC HEALTH $4,342.00 COLE PAPERS INC $3,610.20 CONSULTING SOLUTIONS LLC $4,000.00 DOUGLAS CO CHILDREN’S MH COLLABORATIVE $25,979.00 DAIKIN APPLIED $4,050.50 DELL MARKETING L.P. $3,068.24 DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES $71,319.41 DEPT OF HUMAN SERVICES-MEC2 $9,960.00 DOUGLAS COUNTY AUDITOR-TREASURER $15,930.00 DOUGLAS COUNTY DAC $5,535.48 DOUGLAS COUNTY PUBLIC WORKS $42,032.10 ENTERPRISE FLEET MANAGEMENT TRUST $45,294.04 ERICKSON FAMILY IRREVOCABLE TRUST $7,620.00 FAMILY ALTERNATIVES INC $4,942.10 FARSTAD OIL, INC $36,149.75 FORMS & SYSTEMS OF MINNESOTA $8,551.27 FROGGY’S SIGNS $6,477.00 GUNION PAINTING LLC $14,157.85 GUSTAFSON MECHANICAL INC $38,940.00 HIWAY AMOCO, INC $7,696.18 HEARTLAND GIRL’S RANCH $10,106.00 HOLIDAY STATIONSTORE $2,093.28 I.T. SOLUTIONS OF MINNESOTA LLC $2,920.00 ITEN FUNERAL HOME $3,200.00 VENDOR#XX69 $2,189.36 JLG ARCHITECTS $3,742.20 JOHNSON CONTROLS INC $30,554.66 KIMLEY-HORN AND ASSOCIATES INC $9,817.74 VENDOR#6506 $2,752.80 KRONOS SAASHR INC $5,918.02 LOBSTER LAKE ASSOCIATION $2,702.18 LUBE-TECH & PARTNERS LLC $2,155.34 LUTHERAN SOCIAL SERVICES OF MN $7,140.05 MID CENTRAL DOOR COMPANY $2,932.51 MOTOROLA $201,629.30 MARCO TECHNOLOGIES LLC $3,345.75 MARK LEE ASPHALT & PAVING INC $5,766.40 MEND CORRECTIONAL CARE LLC $15,060.36 MENDED INC $2,253.57 MINNESOTA CHILD SUPPORT PAYMENT CENTER $4,270.00 MINNESOTA DEPT OF REVENUE $19,553.67 MN DEPT OF FINANCE $15,561.00 MN DEPT OF REVENUE $30,320.46 NEXUS-MILLE LACS FAMILY HEALING $15,663.75 NORTH CENTRAL INTERNATIONAL OF ALEX LLC $7,593.28 NORTH HOMES INC $6,164.74 NORTHSIDE COLLISION CENTER INC $4,359.49 PATHFINDER TRAIL BUILDING $101,432.66 PHYXIUS $2,001.36 PRAIRIE ST JOHN’S LLC $4,816.18 PRESBYTERIAN FAMILY FOUNDATION (PFF) $2,800.14 PROSWEEP INC $2,325.00 RAINBOW RIDER TRANSIT $3,795.16 VENDOR#XX56 $4,312.72 REGENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA $46,918.38 REM CENTRAL LAKES INC $3,205.00 RURAL MINNESOTA CEP INC $17,825.45 SWARTZ BROTHERS ASSOCIATES, INC $4,000.00 SANFORD HEALTH $4,337.45 SERVICEMASTER OF THE LAKES AREA $6,516.58 SHIRCLIFF CONSTRUCTION $60,000.00 VENDOR#XX99 $3,127.90 THE PARK CATALOG $2,584.73 VALLEY LAKE BOYS HOME INC $6,355.00 VERIZON WIRELESS $5,707.28 VIKINGLAND COMMUNITY SUPPORT PROGRAM,INC $7,000.00 VOYANT COMMUNICATIONS LLC $2,377.29 WESTMOR INDUSTRIES LLC $5,904.00 WIDSETH SMITH NOLTING & ASSC $5,480.00 WATERFRONT RESTORATION LLC $2,784.00 WEST CENTRAL MINNESOTA COMMUNITY ACTION $2,425.10 WEST CENTRAL MN PETROLEUM LLC $14,063.17 WEST CENTRAL REGIONAL JUV CTR $18,798.00 WHITING/DOUG $2,836.38 VENDOR#XX09 $3,989.70 ZIEGLER, INC $3,775.88 GRAND TOTAL $1,562,249.68 Motion carried. To approve 2021 budget modification for financial statement reporting in regard to PDSW Douglas County issued debt as referenced and as follows: Increase investment earnings by 555,351, planned spenddown of 1,005,285, principal payments of 680,000, and interest payments of 880,636. Motion carried. To approve recruiting and filling an Assistant Finance Director position and any subsequent vacancies. Motion carried. Julie Anderson, Emergency Management Director provided a storm recovery update to the Board. To approve the recommendation from DDA to set the References and Services Librarian at grade 8 and permission to fill the vacancy and fill any subsequent vacancies. Motion carried. To approve the recommendation from DDA to set the Library Outreach Coordinator at grade 5 and permission to fill the vacancy beginning 1/2/2023 and fill any sequent vacancies. Motion carried. To approve application from Katie Rentschler, Calvary Lutheran Church, for use of the Douglas County Courthouse Lawn starting Monday, August 1, 2022, through Thursday, August 4, 2022, from 8-11 a.m. contingent upon receipt of certificate of insurance acceptable to Douglas County. Motion carried. To authorize the County Attorney to hire a replacement Assistant County Attorney at a Step 9. Motion carried. Chad Larson, County Attorney, introduced the new Assistant County Attorney, Breanna Goracke to the County Board. There were no items from the floor. To adjourn the meeting at 10:42 a.m. Motion carried. 88678