Public Notice Notice of Sale Alex Viking

Public Notice Notice of Sale Alex Viking Towing 2010 Ford Crown Victoria V.I.N. #2FABP7BV3AX132099 towed on 10-17-23 from 501 30th Ave W, Alexandria, Mn. 2012 Toyota Corolla V.I.N. #2T1BU4EE9CC876696 Towed on 1-24-23 from County Road 21, Alexandria, Mn. 2004 GMC Savana V.I.N. #1GTFG15X341109974 towed on 4-24-23 from 301 Park St, Alexandria, Mn. This is a last attempt to contact the owner. If Proof of ownership or interest in these vehicles cannot be shown by 6-1-23 these vehicles will be forfeited and put up for sale. Sale of these vehicles will be under MN State Statue 168B.08 in order to collect all monies owed. Please contact Alex Viking Towing, 207 Irving St, Alexandria, Mn 56308. 320-763-6738 (May 17, 2023) 223935