PUBLIC NOTICE NOTICE OF ADOPTION OF SOLID WASTE DESIGNATION ORDINANCE WITH THE PURPOSE OF REGULATING THE TRANSPORTATION AND DELIVERY OF SOLID WASTE GENERATED IN DOUGLAS COUNTY TO THE POPE/DOUGLAS SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT RESOURCE RECOVERY FACILITY IN ALEXANDRIA, MINNESOTA. Notice is hereby given that on the 2nd day of May, 2023, the Douglas County Board of Commissioners adopted a Solid Waste Designation Ordinance. The ordinance regulates the transportation and delivery of solid waste generated within the county; defines the geographic area and the types and quantities of solid waste subject to designation; specifies points of delivery of the waste; requires acceptable waste be delivered to the designated facility; excepts from the requirements certain types of solid waste materials, and enacts additional regulations governing the hauling of waste and other matters. The ordinance will be effective upon approval of the Commissioner of the Pollution Control Agency, but no earlier than July 4, 2023. Complete copies are available on the Douglas County Website (, at the Land & Resource Management Office, and at the Pope Douglas Solid Waste Management Offices. (May 12 & 17, 2023) 223128