Public Notice CITY OF FORADA County of D


Public Notice CITY OF FORADA County of Douglas State of Minnesota NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING ON VACATION OF A PORTION OF FORADA BEACH ROAD SE PURSUANT TO MINNESOTA STATUTE § 412.851 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a hearing will be held before the City Council of Forada on February 13, 2023, at 6:30pm, in the City Hall located at 10991 Toby’s Avenue SE, Alexandria, Minnesota 56308, to consider a proposed vacation of a portion of Lake Avenue described as follows: That portion of Forada Beach Road SE identified in blue on the attached Plat of Forada (Exhibit A). Dated: 1-10-2023 SIGNED BY: /s/ David Reller (Jan. 27; Feb. 3, 2023) 175762