Ordinance 864 Publish March 9, 2022 ORDI

Ordinance 864 Publish March 9, 2022 ORDINANCE NO. 864 2ND SERIES AN ORDINANCE AMENDING CITY CODE CHAPTER 4.36 REGARDING TAXICABS The City Council of the City of Alexandria does ORDAIN: SECTION I. That Chapter 4, Section 4.36 of the Alexandria City Code is hereby amended by adding the following: Section 4.36. Taxicabs Subd. 16. Upon the occurrence of any disqualifying circumstance described in Subd. 6, a license may be suspended or revoked at the City’s discretion. In addition, upon such an occurrence or the existence of pending charges of disqualifying crimes, the licensee shall immediately notify the City of the circumstance. The failure to give notice shall be grounds for suspension or revocation of the license. SECTION II. This Ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage and publication. ADOPTED by the City Council of the City of Alexandria, Minnesota, this 28th day of February, 2022, by the following vote: YES: FRANZEN, THALMAN, ALLEN, BENSON NO: NONE ABSENT: WIENER Bobbie Osterberg, Mayor ATTEST: Martin D. Schultz, City Administrator 38776