Notice of Public Hearing Pursuant to Sec

Notice of Public Hearing Pursuant to Section 11.01 of the Alexandria City Code, the Alexandria Planning Commission will conduct a public hearing on Monday, April 17, 2023 at 7:20 pm in the Alexandria City Hall to consider the Exception to Platting (“split”) application for Jay Paulson dba SonJay Properties, LLC. The applicant is requesting to allow a one-time split to his existing unplatted property to allow conveyance to an adjacent parcel. This is not a proposal for development by the applicant. The property is located at 1710 Fillmore Street and is located in a B-1 “General Business” zoning district. Notice of this hearing has been mailed to all property owners of record within 350 feet of the property in question. The public is invited to attend this hearing. Any questions or comments should be addressed to Mike Weber, City Planner, at (320) 759-3626 or Deb Parrott, Chairperson Alexandria Planning Commission (March 31, 2023) 209504