2023 Gravel Quote The Township of Moe, D

2023 Gravel Quote The Township of Moe, Douglas County, MN is seeking quotes for supplying, loading and hauling approximately 5,000 yards of class 5 gravel. The gravel must meet DOT specifications. The contractor must place the gravel on township road on or before July 15, 2023. Contractor will indicate the location of the pit the gravel will come from. All loads shall be weighed and weight slips shall be turned over to the township when payment is requested. All quotes must include a certificate of insurance and be marked as “QUOTE” on the outside of the envelope and received by the clerk prior to the April 3rd 2023 meeting. Contact Lynn Bushard, Chairman, with any questions. Quotes should be delivered to Moe Township, 9948 Cherry Point Rd SW, Alexandria, MN 56308. (March 17 & 24, 2023) 203597