To the editor:

The WCA School Board is trying to close/possibly demolish the South Elementary in Kensington again, then build a new elementary in Hoffman.

At our town meeting, I asked about the building repair/maintenance money that's allotted to the schools each year. The board determines where the money is needed to ensure the safety/well-being of our children and grandchildren. It wasn't Elbow Lake North or Kensington South that had the need. The majority was spent at the secondary school in Barrett.

On voting, I know every one of our towns would have paid to have a voting poll so everyone could vote on Nov. 2. If unable, then get an absentee ballot. The board chose to mail out all ballots with Nov. 2nd voting poll in Barrett only. There's a problem with their choice. For example, I got mine, one of our son's came to us instead of his address; my husband never got one. Where's the checks/balances needed to ensure a fair and honest vote?

I ask that you "Vote NO" on this referendum and urge the School Board members to work with our communities on a referendum for renovation, not demolition.

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Lynn Bruss

Kensington, MN

(A paid political letter)