To the editor:

It’s time we elect dignified voices of reason to represent ALL constituents of our district, in unity with the voices of Democrats and Republicans to serve our local agenda. Those who know how to work cooperatively toward the best solutions that will bring resolution to issues continuing to plague our district and state, that haven’t been resolved by current representation during the last 10 to 14 years.

We need professionals with fresh enthusiasm and a get-it-done work ethic that makes us proud to have sent them to our state Legislature, confident that they will bring our values and culture to address the unique needs of our area.

To that end, I’m honored to support two outstanding candidates, with strong rural roots, a track record of effective advocacy, and proven ability to work in collaboration with business, government and our community: Carol Wenner for House District 8B, and Michele Anderson for Senate District 8. Both will bring the energy and focus on issues we need to get things done. Join me!

Lori Gibson

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Alexandria, MN

(A paid political letter)