According to the State Patrol’s accident report, a four-vehicle accident occurred at 5:20 p.m. on Highway 27 and Interstate 94.

Chad Peterson, 50, of Alexandria, was driving his 2019 Chevy Silverado eastbound on Minnesota Trunk Highway 27 and made a signal to turn left onto County Shores.

Beverly Suchy, 57, of Lowry, stopped behind Peterson in her 1997 GMC Suburban. Matthew D. Radil, 40, of Alexandria, slowed down behind Suchy in his 2003 Ford Explorer. Radil struck the rear of Suchy’s car when Joel Schmidt, 39, of Donnelly, crashed into Radil with his 2002 Chevy Suburban.

Suchy’s vehicle then crashed into the Silverado. Peterson was struck again by Schmidt and run off the road to the right. Radil and Suchy were taken to Alomere Health with non-life threatening injuries.