Theatre L'Homme Dieu will hold its second drive-in performance at 7:30 p.m. Friday, July 31, when an uncommon Minneapolis opera company delivers a mashup of opera and musical theater.

Performers with Out of the Box will mix 19th century opera tunes with 20th century musical theater to create an evening of romance and comedy. Called "Love at a Distance," it stars soprano Siena Forest, her husband, bass-baritone Luke Williams, and tenor David Walton, and is accompanied by Carson Rose Schneider on piano.

Out of The Box artistic director David Lefkowich is known for his unconventional strategies to bring opera to new audiences, including Diva Cage Matches that pit soprano against soprano in a wrestling ring, complete with judges, a master of ceremonies and an operatic death for the loser. The company's fusion series combines opera with other forms of music, such as gospel and jazz.

For the theater's outdoor performances, cars will face the stage and be appropriately distanced. Attendees can choose to stay in their cars and listen to the performance on FM radio or bring lawn chairs and sit outside.

The theater had a full summer schedule planned before the coronavirus pandemic brought a halt to performances throughout the country. It has put in place the following safety measures:

  • Patrons who feel sick or has COVID-19 symptoms should go home.
  • Cars must be parked in designated parking places. They will be grouped by size to ensure quality sight lines for all patrons.
  • Only theater-goers who live together should be in a vehicle together.
  • Alcohol is not permitted.
  • Restroom facilities are not available except in case of emergency.
  • Masks are required for those who get out of their cars.
  • Patrons should not approach other guests.
  • Theater-goers who leave their cars should sit close to their vehicle and practice social distancing.