Maybe if they didn't call it a "catwalk."

Or maybe if the darn paparazzi hadn't been all click-click-click, pointing some big old black thing at her like a club.

In either case, Tinkerbell, the star of a dog fashion show on Friday, May 31, elicited fond and admiring comments from the intimate audience even after shying away from the camera and leaping from the runway (a coffee table draped with white cloths).

It was the 5-pound Maltese's first fashion show, said her owner, Becky Skillings, who arranged for a one-dog show in the Grand Arbor lobby on Friday afternoon complete with tea and goodies.

Surrounded by a dozen residents of the senior housing complex, the 2-year-old dog displayed selections from her 15-outfit wardrobe. The raincoat and little booties. The Halloween number that says "Too cute to spook." A red Christmas dress with matching leash.

Neighbor Elaine Johnson talked Skillings into a show after Skillings ordered a trove of sweet little outfits online, each priced from $1.99 to $3.99.

Skillings once had two little girls to doll up. They're grown now, so Tinkerbell fills that role.

Skillings started dressing her up after she, her husband and Tinkerbell moved to the senior living complex last year.

"It was so cold," Skillings recalled. "She would go out and pick up her paws so I bought a jacket and boots for her."

Now her outfits hang from the back of a door in their apartment from little pink hangers for children's clothes.

"She goes everywhere with us," Skillings said.

Just as long as that scary-looking camera stays away.

"She's a very shy dog," Skillings said.