The Box Office by Central Square in Glenwood said it is giving away free curbside craft kits this week and as long as its supplies last. It is also accepting donations of new and used art supplies for the kits, as well as money to help fund them.

Anyone can stop by the curb of the Box Office and employees with masks and gloves will hand out kits.

The Box Office is an artist-owned and -operated gallery that also supports Central Square, Glenwood's performing arts center. Kits include materials to create Mother's Day gifts, Weathergrams, which are poems or inspirational words left in trees to age, and other kinds of art projects. It will soon begin selling other kits to support the shop and Central Square.

So far, the Box Office has given away about 50 kits, said creative coordinator Chelsea Bertram.

"People are grabbing them like crazy," said art director Teresa Veraguth. "Things are going really well. We are really excited by it."

For more information, call 320-634-0400.