A24 is a movie studio that releases smaller, more artistic films than your ordinary blockbuster. Its films are mostly small-budget movies that pride themselves on being different and eye-opening in some way.

Since 2013, A24 has released 95 movies and won 25 academy awards. For a smaller studio that makes lower-budget films, those are eye-opening numbers.

In 2017, A24 took home its first Best Picture prize at the Oscars with Moonlight, a coming-of-age story about a boy that grows up in the projects of Miami. Mahershala Ali stole the show with his Best Supporting Actor performance in a movie that also won Best Screenplay and Best Picture. Moonlight is streaming on Netflix.

While Moonlight may have stolen the show in 2017, Room was another movie that turned heads the year before. It’s a film about a woman held captive for years by a man who abducted and abused her. While enslaved, she has a child, and he lives the first several years of his life without seeing the outside world.

Brie Larson was phenomenal in Room and took home Best Actress. The movie was also nominated for Best Picture but fell short to Spotlight. Room is another movie you can stream on Netflix.

While A24 has taken home several prestigious honors, some of its best work has come without recognition. In 2019 alone, two movies could have seen more love at the Oscars but didn’t get the nods.

Midsommar ended up being my eighth-best movie of 2019 and didn’t get a single nomination. It’s a modern-day thriller about a friend group that travels to Sweden for a fabled Midsommar Festival. What started as a fun cultural experience turned into a deathly competition at the hands of a cult.

Ari Aster has written and directed two horror movies in the last two years, and both have been considered some of the best of its genre in some time. While I love Midsommar, I’ll probably never watch it again. It’s not for everybody. Midsommar is on Amazon Prime.

Probably the most egregious snub at the Oscars was Uncut Gems, my third best movie of 2019. Adam Sandler reinvented himself from a quirky guy in the Billy Maddison franchise into a serious actor that showed he has a lot more to offer.

This movie is about a guy who owes a lot of money. He’s a gambling addict, and he needs one big bet to get himself out of a massive hole. It stars Kevin Garnet as himself as the movie takes place during the 2009 Boston Celtics playoff run.

Uncut Gems is a movie that doesn’t make you feel good, but instead, it will make your skin crawl at times. It’s a two-hour panic attack as you watch this man make the wrong move over and over again. Yet, I wanted more when it was over. This should have been a Best Picture nomination, and Sandler should have been up for Best Actor. Uncut Gems is also streaming on Netflix.

The best thing about A24 not being a bigger industry is they’re more inclined to put their products on mainstream streaming services. There are so many more that I haven’t touched on that are some of my favorite movies I’ve seen in the last few years.

Eighth Grade was my second-best movie in 2018 behind A Star is Born. It’s a coming-of-age comedy about a girl going through the awkward stage in her life. Lady Bird is another coming-of-age story that was one of the best movies in 2017. Both are streaming on Amazon Prime.

A24 has gotten to the point where I don’t need to see the plot to watch the movie. I know the film is going to be unlike anything I’ve ever seen before when I see the logo at the beginning of the trailer.