We wanted to reach out and make sure to thank as many people as possible for all the prayers, support, and uplifting words of encouragement through these difficult times. Back on January 9th when Brenden hit his head in practice, we had the same reaction and discussion that many families do. Talking about needing to take the time to get his head right so he can heal and have a strong end of the season. Shortly after is when things changed.

Throughout this whole process the support of so many people has truly been humbling. People reaching out with words of encouragement through phone calls, texts, cards, and more. People sharing stories of their own journey as points of encouragement. So many people going above and beyond what we could have ever imagined. We can say we are truly blessed to be apart of this community.

Recently a benefit had been arranged for Brenden by our wrestling family along with so many others we just don’t even know about. Thank you to all of you that helped make the benefit possible. Thank you to all of you that came out and enjoyed the beautiful day with us playing bean bags, climbing the rock wall, dunking the coaches in the dunk tank, doing the obstacle course (bounce house), checking out the auction items, eating good food, and visiting. Thank you to the ones that were busy but have been thinking of us and encouraging Brenden along the way. Thank you to the medical staff for the great care. Thank you to the teachers and other school staff for all the extra work to keep Brenden on track.

We would like to leave everyone with a quote that was given to us and has been the cornerstone to Brenden’s recovery:

Strength is not

the absence of struggle.

Even strong folks come up short,

question themselves,

navigate uncertainty,

and experience hardship.

Real strength is not a status,

it is a decision.

It is looking every condition,

circumstance, and conundrum

in the eye and determining…

In this, through this, and in spite of this,


Thank you! Joe, Lacy, Brenden and