Paid political letter: Why I Support Nathan Miller over Jordan Rasmusson for MN State Senate District 9

Nathan loves God ‘Family and country, a true statesman that wants term limits and smaller government. A boiler operator with a bachelors degree, he has 16 yrs on the job serving as a technician and supervisor. He is a lifelong conservative that boldly and clearly communicates the issues.

Nathan calls himself a constitutional conservative declaring the need to get back to the principles of our founding Fathers and common sense. For over 10 yrs. Nathan has been speaking out for smaller government and our 1st & 2nd amendment rights and tax reform.

Jordan was a liberal democrat likely threw college. Many solid citizens don’t believe that has changed due to his positions on several bills. Myself I find the Family Leave Bill Jordan wrote with a democrat to be harmful to small businesses and far from conservative.

The slate handed to us at February’s caucus night suggested who would be the delegates and alternates for Rasmusson is disrespectful to the grassroots intention of our state. Also, when friends of mine were called days after caucus night by Jordan to be alternates, do we call this a opps? Then the delegate & alternate reports showed 32 to many people in reviewing only 30 of the 93 precincts, and a full audit was refused by the Ottertail co. republican BPOU, so much for transparency!

Duane Dornbusch
Fergus Falls, Minn.