Paid political letter: What?! Who endorsed our school board candidates?

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I attended the forum to listen to the District 206 school board candidates. One thing that was glazed over with no fanfare was the fact that both Sandy Susag and Shawn Reilly said that they are endorsed by an organization called Indivisible Alexandria Area. What is that? I hadn’t heard of that before. So a little digging brought me to a wealth of information about the nationwide progressive organization, with the Alexandria chapter being directly linked. This organization also endorses candidates like Ilhan Omar and bills like the Green New Deal, very progressive. They claim to be bi-partisan but all of their support is for progressive DFL policy like climate change, diversity, equity and inclusion... you know what that really means. This organization also stands against vaccine ‘disinformation’. These candidates are too liberal and progressive for our district! Instead, cast your vote for Lynn Lommen and Laura Knudsen who will stand up to this progressive garbage and protect our kids!

Emily AmbornDistrict 206
Glenwood, Minn.