Paid political letter: Vote for Maureen Eigen

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I am proud to be a Maureen Eigen voter. Last year, during the special election, I was proud to be a part of her campaign and blown away by her humility. She put in her whole heart to the election process. She door knocked, made phone calls, held events, and answered questions by her constituents. She held her head high and I admired her for that. There is a grace and softness about Maureen that I knew would be perfect as she worked with children. She has an open mind, which I knew would make other adults in our district feel she is easy to work with. One year later, I am still just as confident as I was in Maureen then. Sometimes people change over the course of time or do not stick to who they are. Maureen did not change. I have seen Maureen shine in her role and talk about it with passion. Her role as a school board member is something she is proud of. Maureen is someone I am proud of. I am so grateful that the confidence I had a year ago in her, still rings true today. Vote Maureen Eigen for District 206 School Board.

Nattiel Peery
Alexandria, Minn.