Paid political letter: Trust the Teachers: A Letter on the School Board Race

Ideas and opinions in this letter are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the stance of this paper. The author of this letter has paid for its placement. The last few years, we teachers have experienced significant changes in our profession. We’d like you to know we’re still here, and are united in what we do: caring for, and about, your kids.

We see your children. We see their smiles when they are successful. We see their generosity and kindness for one another. When they may be having a tough day, we see that, too. We encourage them. We cheer for them. We know their favorite colors, their heroes, and their biggest dreams.

Because we care about your children, we have an invested interest in the upcoming District 206 school board election. Last month we invited all current school board candidates to speak with our endorsement panel. Four candidates declined our invitation. The three candidates who took time to speak with us impressed our panel with their commitment to the holistic education of all students and their years of service to education and community.

For those reasons, your local teachers support Sandy Susag, Alan Zeithamer, and Shawn Reilly for school board. They support ensuring strong, welcoming, and effective schools for all students, providing student mental health services, and recruiting and retaining great educators.

Thank you, District 206 families, for trusting our work with your children in classrooms. Please extend that trust to our endorsement of the work in the conference room. On November 8th, we ask for your vote for Sandy Susag, Alan Zeithamer, and Shawn Reilly for continued excellence in our schools.

Chad Gilbertson, EMA President
Alexandria, Minn.