Paid political letter: Time for Change on the School Board

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As parent of a 5th grade student in District 206, I am very concerned about the quality of education my child is receiving. Our district was once ranked 28th overall in the state of Minnesota in 2014. That was something to be proud of. By 2019, that same ranking had plummeted to 105th overall. A drop of 77 places in just 5 short years was an embarrassing fall. In 2022 the district gained back 28 places and was ranked 77th overall in the state. Our schools must improve. Between 2011 – 2014 our district never fell below being ranked 41st. We must get back to that level of performance. The 2 incumbent school board members have sat on the board for a combined 50 years. We must demand change; Elect the conservative voices of Lynne Lommen; Laura Knudsen; and Vern Engstrom and Maureen Eigen. Demand Better

Monty Normand
Alexandria, MN