Paid political letter: Susag and Reilly Best Choices for School Board

To the Editor:

The August 9 primary election for District 206 Board of Education requires voters to carefully consider their choices for each position.

As a Board Member for 12 years, Sandy Susag has exemplified the kind of person best qualified for the task. She has participated in the planning and implementation of referenda for District construction projects that have resulted in our wonderful high school and upgrades to other school buildings. She has worked with school administration to navigate the challenges of the pandemic, making decisions based on the best available public health recommendations despite withering and disrespectful criticisms from local self-ordained “experts”. We need her community spirit and dedication to our children to continue as a Board member.

Shawn Reilly also has a proven track record of community and school system involvement. His extended family has a long history of giving their time, talent and treasure to make the Alexandria area a welcoming and progressive place to live. His business acumen will help the District manage the complexities of operating a multi-million dollar budget and hundreds of employees.

Sandy and Shawn’s opponents in the primary have demonstrated in their public statements that they and their small group of vocal supporters will bring a political and ideological agenda to the Board. Our school administration and students deserve Board leaders who are nonpartisan critical thinkers. Please vote for Sandy and Shawn to keep our school district on the right path.

Ken Howell
Alexandria, Minn.