Paid political letter: School Board Primary

Support Sandy Susag and Shawn Reilly for quality education.

We all want quality education in the Alexandria area. A strong, comprehensive school system is a reflection of our community’s health and stability. That is why I am excited about the upcoming school board primary election. District 206 school boards have always displayed strong leadership. We can ensure they continue to do so by voting for qualified candidates in the August 9 school board primary, which will select the final candidates for the ballot in November.

As voters, we all need to look carefully at the merits of each candidate.

We need school board members who care deeply about all of our students, and who embrace the unique character of each and every child. We need school board members who accept the challenges of a changing world, without clinging to vague fears and false issues. We need board members who want our students thoroughly prepared to take on leadership roles in a challenging world with objective knowledge, personal strength, and respect towards others.

After looking at the information all of the candidates have shared, and examining how they present themselves, I see two candidates capable of providing strong leadership. They are Sandy Susag and Shawn Reilly. Sandy and Shawn stand out as best qualified to guide our district’s children into the future. I urge you to vote for Sandy Susag and Shawn Reilly in the August 9th primary.

Don Clausen
Farewell, Minn.

Paid Political Letter