Paid political letter: Reilly For School Board

Ideas and opinions in this letter are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the stance of this paper. The author of this letter has paid for its placement. Shawn Reilly will make a great school board member. His career path as an English Teacher and his Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of St. Thomas will both prove valuable for board decisions affecting students.

What really stands out for me is the contributions that Shawn has made over the years as a parent and community member. Shawn has contributed many hours as a Junior Achievement Board Member and classroom volunteer. As a parent Shawn shows up when it is important for his kids at conferences, soccer games, concerts, theater events, and school activities on a regular basis.

Shawn has a level head and a voice of reason which will translate into solid choices for students. Please Vote Reilly for Alexandria School Board.

Carol Wenner
Alexandria, Minn.