Paid political letter: From bad to better.

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What are some of the issues that are adversely affecting us all? Fuel prices, escalating food prices up 15-20%, a push to make killing our unborn more available, increasing your taxes to (pay for abortions, escalating crime numbers in car-jacking’s, and murders. The opening of the southern borders with uncontrolled influx of criminals, foreign nationals, drug dealers and illegal aliens. Lenient judges allowing criminals back on the streets after apprehension by law enforcement, restraining their ability to curb crime. CRT, LGBTQ ideologies being imposed on our children in the public schools, thus, less time is spend in teaching academics leading to significant drop in school educational standings.

If these issues and the drastic rise in inflation are of deep concern and are creating financial hardships for you...maybe it’s time to vote Republican in November. Get out and vote, your vote counts.

Jim Joerger
Garfield, Minn.