Paid political letter: Elect Sandy Susag

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We must elect school board members who are committed to improving the quality of public education in District 206 and who can participate in effective, collaborative leadership. Individuals who will form a focused “board of directors” for the school system and are not driven by personal politics. Individuals who believe decisions should be based on the best interests of the whole community, not single-interest groups. Individuals who respect others’ views and have a desire to work to build consensus. Individuals who have expressed a commitment to public service, not personal gain.

We want people who look for answers and solutions and focus their governing and leadership skills on creating and sustaining a high-performing school district … members who possess detailed knowledge of their district. Board members who can craft a working relationship with superintendents, teachers, and administrators based on mutual respect, collegiality and a joint commitment to student success. When test results indicate that student achievement is not where it needs to be, effective board members, even when the data is negative, use it to drive continuous improvement.

At the end of the day, great school board members don’t see themselves as politicians. They’re public servants who accept the awesome responsibility of improving the quality of public education for children of all ages, incomes, faiths, life style choices and backgrounds.

Cast your vote for SANDY SUSAG.

Ruthie Schultz,
Alexandria, Minn.