Paid political letter: District 206 spending increases while performance decreases

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Here’s a summary of School District 206 state ranking and per student expenditure since 2016

2016 – ranked 49th at $11,311 spent/student; 2017 ranked 84th at $11,460 spent/student; 2018 – ranked 83rd at $11,673 spent/student; 2019 – ranked 105th and $12,294 spent/student; 2021 ranked 79th at $12,133 spent/student; 2022 – ranked 77th and $13,324 spent/student.

Data Sources  ( &   ( community guide). No Data available for 2020.

In the past 6 years, per student spending has increased 15%, while the statewide school ranking has been allowed to drop 36%. The current administration is failing our schools, kids, and community. We Must demand change; Elect the conservative voices of Lynne Lommen; Laura Knudsen; and Vern Engstrom and Maureen Eigen.

Monty Normand
Alexandria, Minn.