Paid political letter: A Choice for Schools

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As a proud graduate of District 206 schools, I’ve found it disheartening that there are current candidates for the school board who appear all too eager to traffic in rumors, half-truths, and fear-mongering about children in our community, just to win an election. Flyers about “trouble in our schools” with alarmist messaging about gender and “furries” reveal candidates who have allowed themselves to become mired in their own narrow, ideological goals rather than seek to build up schools and create educational opportunities for all students. Such campaign rhetoric is shameful and — if campaigns provide the best indication of what a candidate would try to do in office — deeply concerning.  

Fortunately, there are candidates running positive, student-centered campaigns who also have the experience, judgment and values that our cherished schools need to continue their tradition of excellence. I’m grateful that Sandra Susag, Alan Zeithamer and Shawn Reilly are running for the District 206 School Board. They have my enthusiastic endorsement.

Michael Tisserand
Garfield, Minn.