Enforcing prohibition in Douglas County was sometimes a dangerous matter. In 1926, Sheriff Lundeen struggled with a bootlegger who pulled this classic rifle on him while resisting arrest southwest of Alexandria. What kind of rifle was it? It was a .30-30 Winchester, which is allegedly still in the Lundeen family.

This was one of many trivia questions asked during the free Hooch & History Event at Copper Trail Brewing Company during its Quantum Leap Year Party. Thirteen teams engaged in a battle of wits about local prohibition history in a joint event with three local museums.

“The advantage of local history trivia is that you can’t easily use your phone to google the answers under the table,” said Brittany Johnson, director of the Douglas County Historical Society. Also part of the first pub quiz night were the Legacy of the Lakes Museum and the Runestone Museum Foundation.

“Alexandria is extremely blessed to have three thriving entities in the community that not only keep the community’s vibrant history alive, but also offer a multitude of innovative educational opportunities,” said Tara Bitzan, executive director of the Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce. “Our area is deeply rooted in its history, and these entities work together to do an incredible job of showcasing that history for future generations.”

The event coincided with the brewery's Quantum Leap party and a benefit fundraiser for Calli Olson, which raised over $7,000 in two hours. “We were surprised by how many people stayed after the benefit for trivia,” said Amanda Seim, executive director of the Runestone Museum Foundation. “But maybe we shouldn’t be surprised – we have a lot of history lovers in the area."

The trivia topics ranged from local history to regional crimes and prohibition slang. While the game was themed around the 100th anniversary of prohibition, there is potential for more.

“We hope this will become a regular community event,” said Kaci Johnson of Legacy of the Lakes. “We are already considering several different local topics we can do.”