Alexandria’s first ever tow truck pull took place Saturday, Aug. 24, raising nearly $10,000 for the Douglas County Car Car Program.

The event, featuring a large tow truck being pulled back and forth, closed off 6th Avenue between Broadway Street and Irving Street from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Six teams of up to 12 members made a donation to the program and then pulled the tow truck, with a car on its flatbed, 60 feet across the finish line in a timed event. Teams consisted of co-workers, organization members, families, friends and even random people that gathered together.

It was a close race. The One Dollar Bills team took first place at 12.19 seconds, Hagstrom Engineering finished second at 12.35 seconds and Pull Wheel Good placed third at 12.4 seconds. Hagstrom Engineering won the community spirit award for raising the most money, bringing in $1,400.

“We were really blessed from the fundraising standpoint,” said Kris Chisholm, executive director of the car care program.

The tow truck belonged to Chisholm’s father and the car on top of the tow truck’s flatbed was given to the program to be gifted to someone who applied for a car.

Dan Einerson, a member of the DCCCP board, said it was cool seeing the sponsorship for the event. There were nine sponsors.

Besides the main attraction of tow-truck pulling, there was a special kids’ zone with jump houses, games and treats. Live entertainment was provided by acoustic guitar groups and several booths offered street food, crafts, free prizes and raffles.

Chisholm said the organization wanted something that’s new and different and could bring the downtown together.

“It’s family-friendly; anyone can do it. It brings entertainment and shopping together,” Chisholm said.

He received comments from people saying it was fun for participants to do the pull as a team, it was a neat event for kids and that participants didn’t pull their hamstrings.

Plans are already in the works for next year. Chisholm said the organization might try to partner with Crazy Days in 2020 to create more action downtown.

Dave Deterding, a DCCCP board member, said pulling the truck was harder than he anticipated. He was on the DCCCP team which had eight people, was the first team to pull and ended up coming in last place.

“We just wanted to make everyone who came out feel good,” he joked.

Niki Mohr, a participant in the tow truck pull, said the opposite. “It was fun. It wasn’t too hard with having the whole team,” she said.

Mohr joined a team of random people, only knowing one person on it, who was her co-worker. She said she would participate again next year. “It’s for a good cause,” said Mohr, whose dad donated a car to DCCCP before. “I know it’s a good program."

Sherry Ellis help set up and create the unique event. “It’s great seeing the fun the teams are having. They're out enjoying a Saturday,” she said.