Growing up, Lindsay Rourke-Nelson knew she wanted to become a nurse.

Even though she didn’t have a strong connection to nursing – a grandma she never met was an Army nurse – she just never thought she’d do anything else.

Rourke-Nelson loves taking care of people and believes what she does every day, whether it’s talking with other nurses, working with physicians, educating and taking care of patients, she can see and feel the impact.

Currently, she is the director of primary care at Alexandria Clinic, a service of Alomere Health. She has worked at the Alomere Health facility for more than seven years. Previously, she worked at Knute Nelson in Alexandria and before that, a couple medical facilities in the Twin Cities metro area. Originally from Maple Grove, she now lives in Glenwood.

Lindsay Rourke-Nelson
Lindsay Rourke-Nelson

When Rourke-Nelson started her nursing career, she began as a certified nursing assistant. She then moved to being a certified medical assistant before becoming a licensed practical nurse and then finally, becoming a registered nurse.

“Working with patients, other nurses, physicians and providers, I feel like I learn something new every single minute,” said Rourke-Nelson. “That’s what drives me. I enjoy it. It is my passion. I really enjoy that connection with people, too.”

For those who are thinking of going into nursing, Rourke-Nelson shared some advice.

She said nursing isn’t about the person, but it’s about being flexible, adaptable and willing to change and not letting it phase you.

“Change is inevitable and you have to be OK with that,” she said.

She said you have to be able to work with a wide variety of people, have a strong listening ear, have true compassion and be willing to put a smile on your face no matter the circumstances.

Rourke-Nelson went to the Alexandria Technical and Community College, which she described as “phenomenal.” She said she really felt prepared when she was done and would highly recommend the college to potential nursing students.

The work done by a nurse, whether it is a chemo treatment, injections, wound care and more, can be intense and stressful, and challenging at times, she said. At the same time, she also said caring for others and providing those services is highly rewarding.

She enjoys every aspect of her nursing career and said she gets to work with the best team ever.