Minnesota employees and their employers will benefit from more than $2.7 million in state grants to fund employment-based dual training for 589 current and new employees as part of the Minnesota Dual-Training Pipeline.

One of the grant recipients is Aagard of Alexandria.

The program's Dual Training Grants give dual trainees the opportunity to earn while they learn and help businesses meet their workforce needs. Four industries with in-demand, high-growth occupations are eligible to receive grants: advanced manufacturing, agriculture, health care services and information technology.

"We're hearing stories of how the COVID-19 pandemic has Minnesotans re-thinking the importance and value of higher education as the path to achieving their career goals," said Commissioner Dennis Olson, Minnesota Office of Higher Education. "This employer/student partnership is finding increased success and value this year, both in terms of meeting individual goals, as well as addressing changing workforce needs."

This year, more than $2 million of the grants are being awarded to companies located in Greater Minnesota.

Employees will earn a wide variety of industry-recognized degrees, certificates and credentials as part of this program that will help improve their skills and advance their careers.