The SuperAmerica convenience store at 3rd Avenue and Nokomis St. will close at the end of July.

Manager Carrie Keesling said the store's lease of the building had ended, the SuperAmerica franchise was over, they'd heard talk of another convenience store opening nearby and owner Doug Thompson chose to retire.

"It was a good place to work and Doug Thompson was a good guy to work for," she said. "The customers were always fun to talk with and hang out. We treated them like family and they treated us like family."

SuperAmerica made news last year when a corporate merger resulted in a name change for the convenience chain that was founded in St. Paul in 1960. The corporate chain is now known as Speedway. Thompson's store remained SuperAmerica because it was a locally-owned franchise.

Everything in the store is now for sale, she said, including fixtures and appliances.

Those with SuperAmerica rewards points must use them up or transfer them to Speedway, Keesling said.