According to dates from old business invoices, siblings Carol Schloser and Rick Severson said the Beheng Implement Inc. building has been in their family since 1934.

It was constructed in 1905 and stood for 115 years in Carlos before being torn down June 9.

Schloser and Severson’s grandfather, Nick Beheng, started the business. Their father also worked at Beheng before they joined the staff.

“It was more or less a family episode,” Schloser said.

Severson heard that the building was a harness shop prior to the days of the family-owned business. He started working at the store at a young age by helping mow the grass and sweep the floors. Once his father retired, Severson took over running the store.

Schloser and Severson said farm equipment has been sold since the business began, but they’ve been losing area farmer customers over the years. Since the farming equipment industry has evolved, the Beheng store transitioned to selling more lawn and garden products and moved their business to a different space on Main Avenue.

“The times are changing, and everything farm machinery is getting bigger all the time,” Schloser said.

What were once smaller farms of a few hundred acres were bought out so that now most farmers own a few thousand acres.

“Jack of all trades, master of none,” Severson said. “We didn’t want to go into farm equipment because it changed so much and got so big.”

Once Severson finishes cleaning up the store, he plans to retire with the business following suit soon after.

“The old building was getting too old to repair and fix, so it needed to come down,” he said.