Corn prices dipped in September in Minnesota, but remained well above the 2018 price, while the soybean price had also ticked up, according to the latest USDA-National Agricultural Statistics Service price report.

Farmers were getting $3.57 per bushel for conventional corn, 14 cents below the August price but 47 cents above the September 2018 price, the service said. While the break-even prices vary from farm to farm, $4 per bushel is seen as the typical break-even point.

For conventional soybeans, the September average price received by farmers, $8.41 per bushel, was up 32 cents from the August price and up 9 cents from the September 2018 price, the service said. These are among the lowest prices for soybeans in 10 years.

Minnesota hay prices averaged $115 per ton in September, up $10 from August and $6 per ton more than September 2018.

The September average price was $20.40 per hundredweight for milk, up $1 from August and up $2.70 from one year ago.