The 2018 Douglas County 4-H Clothing and Textiles Day and Fashion Review was held on July 31 at Lake Community Church in Alexandria. The show's theme, "Under the Sea," included 29 outfits modeled by area 4-H members and later displayed at the Douglas County Fair.

4-H'ers made, recycled or purchased their clothing. Some were also ranked on their performing arts projects.

Court of Honor for clothes you buy

On the court: Lexi Klimek and Hailey Klimek, Lucky Star-Alexandria; Reagan Lennes, Lake Mary Troopers-Alexandria; Ayden Kapphahn, Chippewans-Alexandria; Amelia Williams, Independent-Alexandria; Francesca Palmer, Spruce Hill Rangers-Carlos; and Rachel Kokett, Liberty Livewires-Alexandria.

Overall Champion: Rachel Kokett

4-H Choice Awards for clothes you buy

Cloverbuds MaKena Hokanson; Grades 3-5 Reagan Lennes; Grades 6-8-Hailey Klimek; and Grades 9 & up Francesca Palmer

Clothes you buy

Grades 3-5 - Champion: Reagan Lennes, Lake Mary Troopers-Alexandria; Reserve: Lacey Siira, Moe-Brandon; Honorable Mention: Ayden Kapphahn, Chippewans-Alexandria.

Grades 6-8 - Champion: Amelia Williams Independent-Alexandria; Reserve: Hailey Klimek, Lucky Star-Alexandria; Honorable Mention: Kendra Massmann, Liberty Livewires-Osakis and Amelia Williams, independent - Alexandria.

Grade 9 and up - Champion: Lexi Klimek, Lucky Star-Alexandria; Reserve: Zachary Kent, GoBees-Alexandria; Honorable Mention: Francesca Palmer, Spruce Hill Rangers-Carlos

Overall Champion: Lexi Klimek, Lucky Star

Court of Honor for clothes you make and recycled clothes you make

On the court: Lacey Siira, Moe-Brandon; Jacob Loween, GoBees-Alexandria; Hailey Klimek, Lucky Star-Alexandria; Kendra Massmann, Liberty Livewires-Osakis; Kaleb Fuglseth, Moe-Brandon, Eliana Oleson, GoBees-Alexandria.

Overall Champion: Kendra Massmann

4-H Choice Awards for clothes you make/recycled clothes you make

All grades Kendra Massmann

Cloverbuds Kaelyn McKibbin

Clothes you make/non-clothing items/recycled

Grade 3-5 Champion: Lacey Siira, Moe-Brandon; Reserve: Jacob Loween, GoBees-Alexandria; Honorable Mention: Kaleb Fuglseth, Moe-Brandon

Grades 6-8 Champion: Kendra Massmann, Liberty Livewires-Osakis; Reserve: Hailey Klimek, Lucky Star-Alexandria; Honorable Mention: Eliana Oleson, GoBees-Alexandria

Grade 9 and up Champion and Reserve Champion: Lexi Klimek, Lucky Star-Alexandria

Overall Champion Kendra Massmann


Grand Champion: Callie Taveirne, Liberty Livewires-Alexandria; Reserve Champion: Brenna Thompson, Hoofbeats-Alexandria; Honorable Mention: Katie Kent, GoBees-Alexandria and Andrew Sansness, Carlos Happy Helpers-Carlos

Performing Arts

The Performing Arts projects added a touch of entertainment to the evening. Participating were: Lindsey Erickson, cello solo, Chippewans-Alexandria; Eliana Oleson, piano solo, GoBees-Alexandria; Emmalyn Stoltz, piano solo, Carlos Happy Helpers-Alexandria; Lexi Klimek, vocal solo, Lucky Star, Alexandria; Lindsey Erickson, Chippewans, Alexandria; Abbie Johannes, lyrical dance, Liberty Livewires-Alexandria; Tahira Schaffran, theater experience scrapbook, Moses and Aaron-Brandon; Callie Taveirne, cello solo, Liberty Livewires-Alexandria.

Performing Arts results

Grand Champion: Lindsey Erickson. Reserve Champion: Eliana Oleson