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Farmer deadlines approaching

Excessive rain has caused an extremely late start to the harvest season, and our dedicated farmers here in Douglas County face a daunting task to safely and quickly harvest crops. Saturated fields will take time to dry out, and concerns continue to arise about late-season disease risk to crops. At the Farm Services Agency office, we wish to remind producers that we are here for them and ask them to stay safe with all the added challenges this fall.

Producers are reminded that once the crop is in the bins, marketing assistance loans are available to provide upfront working capital while waiting to see if prices rise during the marketing year. You would need to submit bin measurements along with a lien release should your crop be used as collateral with your lending institution.

Loan rates are:

• Corn: $1.82 per bushel

• Soybeans: $4.78 per bushel

• Spring wheat: $2.98 per bushel

• Oats: $1.41 per bushel

• Barley: $1.78 per bushel

The Nov. 15 crop certification deadline is fast approaching. Producers who plant a fall seeded crop such as winter wheat or rye are affected by this deadline. This also applies to forage crops and pastures that will be overwintered. This includes alfalfa, legumes and forage grasses. Failure to report by the deadline will require a $46 late filing fee. Stop by the office with planting dates to complete the process.

October means that eligible payments are being processed in the office. If you have made changes to your banking, remember to update our office with your new account information, including direct deposit. This will help with timely payment processing.

Conservation Reserve Program annual rental payments are being processed right now. Please contact your bank before calling the office to identify if your payment went into your account.

Eligible Agriculture Risk Coverage (ARC) and Price Loss Coverage (PLC) program payments are being processed here in Douglas County. The payment rates for Douglas County are as follows:


• Corn $0/base acre

• Soybean $0/base acre

• Oats $20.18/base acre

• Wheat $32.16/base acre

• Canola $0/base acre

• Sorghum $0/base acre


• Corn $0.34/bushel

• Soybean $0/bushel

• Oats $0.34 /bushel

• Wheat $1.61/bushel

• Canola $0.0355/bushel

• Sorghum $1.16/bushel

Producers should note that all payments are on 85 percent of base acres and the sequestration rate applied to these payments is 6.8 percent. It is important that producers identify which program they participate in. Both base acres and PLC yields are identified on form FSA-156EZ for each Farm Service Agency farm number.

Producers receiving emergency assistance in the Livestock, Honeybees and Farm-Raised Fish Program (ELAP) are reminded of these application deadlines:

• A notice of loss the earlier of 30 calendar days of when the loss is apparent or by Nov. 1.

• An application for payment by Nov. 1.

If you need Farm Services Agency farm loan programs, please contact the office as soon as you know. We will be very busy in 2018, so providing timely information will aid in processing your request. Producers must be denied credit options with their established lending institution to qualify for farm loan programs.