Gardonville is making upgrades to its television service by offering “Stream TV.”

The cooperative, based in Brandon, has sent mailings to its customers about the changes, which it describes as a free upgrade. The system uses Amazon Prime and a Fire TV Stick to access channels.

Gardonville’s current TV service will not work after April 15. Customers are asked to call the Gardonville office, 320-834-5151, before that time to get any questions they may have answered and to schedule a tech visit to their home. Depending on a customer’s set-up and equipment, there may be some additional fees. Customers with questions are asked to call the Gardonville office.

Customers are being asked to act quickly because if they wait they could experience a scheduling delay of a month or more and risk being without television during that time.

After April 15, Gardonville’s provider will no longer transmit the video feed or support the channels customers are receiving.

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Beginning April 1, customers may begin experiencing intermittent interruptions in their service as the old system is turned off.

The new system is an app-based streaming service that will allow customers to watch from a TV, cell phone, tablet or laptop.

Other advantages, Gardonville said, include:

  • A cleaner on-screen channel guide.

  • The ability to create individual profiles for each person in a household so everyone can enjoy their own shows and movies.

  • Parental control options – each show has a rating so parents may make informed choices for the family.

  • More high-definition channels.

  • Cloud-based DVR. Customers can record programs while watching TV and set recordings from multiple devices so they never miss a show. With the replay function, viewers can watch up to the past 72 hours on most channels.

  • Viewers who miss the beginning of a program can use the restart function that allows them to start from the beginning.

  • The capability to pause live TV shows.