Colie Paulson Christensen, a 2005 Alexandria graduate, has launched a new online name-changing service.

NewlyNamed provides personalized name change kits for newlyweds.

The idea originated from her own experience. After her wedding, Christensen said she jumped right into the process of changing her name and quickly realized what a struggle it was.

"I didn't know where to start, what forms to fill out or how to find everything I needed," she said. "I spent hours on government websites and felt like I was going nowhere. It was a total nightmare."

Around that same time, Christensen said a few of her friends who had also gotten married reached out to her for help, and that is how the idea for her new company was born.

She explained that customers fill out a quick survey on the company's website and the software creates a name-change kit. Each kit contains filled-out applications and step-by-step instructions for updating your Social Security card, driver's license, vehicle title, vehicle registration and voter registration.

"The average person changes their name in more than 20 places," said Christensen. "The kit saves hours of hassle and makes changing your last name something you can easily accomplish.

"Changing your last name shouldn't be a pain. It should be fun and exciting."