Scot Snitker said he is done - for now.

Snitker, a national portfolio manager and partner of Lexington Realty International, was the manager of the Viking Plaza Mall for about seven years.

CBRE Group, Inc., a property management group with a location in the Twin Cities metro area, assumed responsibility of managing the Viking Plaza Mall on Jan. 3 and Snitker said he was relieved of his mall manager duties.

However, he said he is still a managing partner of Lexington Realty International, a New Jersey-based national real estate firm that specializes in purchasing, leasing, developing and managing commercial real estate property.

Lexington Realty International took over management of the Viking Plaza Mall in January 2009. The company owns and manages malls across the United States, including in Wisconsin, New Jersey, Illinois and Mississippi.

According to Snitker, the bank took control of the mall due to financial issues, and due to a conflict of interest, he said the bank decided to hire a new property management group.

A sheriff's foreclosure sale, which was initially scheduled in June, has been rescheduled several times and is now set for Feb. 22. Snitker said the bank will review any and all bids and will make a decision on the offers. However, he said Lexington would still have six months after that date to buy back the property.

"All of this won't be done for awhile," he said.

Dan O'Neill, managing director of CBRE Group, Inc., said the company was appointed by court order to be the property management company for the Viking Plaza Mall.

"We are pleased with this appointment and will continue to maintain the uninterrupted operation of the property, including typical operating hours," O'Neill said in an emailed statement to the Echo Press. "The CBRE team is focused on supporting the retailers and ensuring Viking Plaza Mall is a pleasant shopping experience for the community."

O'Neill noted that CBRE is currently looking for a general manager for the mall and inquiries should be sent to him directly. He can be reached via email at

According to its website, CBRE is a leading full-service real estate services and investment organization, employing more than 80,000 people, and the leading commercial real estate services provider in the Twin Cities.