A snowplow damaged several mailboxes north of Alexandria on Friday morning.

A report to the Douglas County Sheriff's Office said the snowplow driver "took out 17 mailboxes" on County Road 11 along Lake Carlos on Friday, Feb. 23. But Steve Johansen, Douglas County Public Works maintenance superintendent, in an email response to the Echo Press, said it was closer to eight mailboxes and that the snowplow driver did not actually hit any of them.

"He (the driver) did get a few. He was probably plowing a little too fast and the fairly heavy snow knocked them over," said Johansen. "He is a brand new driver. Poor guy felt terrible."

Johansen also said that the Public Works office replaces any mailboxes hit by a plow. It also repairs any damage from the snow hitting newer style, swing-away posts.

"We do not replace any that are not swing-away posts damaged by just snow," he noted. "I went out and helped repair the ones that were damaged on County Road 11."

He noted that the number of damaged mailboxes the sheriff's office had was off because most of the ones counted were boxes and posts that homeowners had removed before leaving for the winter.