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Glenwood resort receives Century Resort designation

You've heard of Century Farms? Now there are Century Resorts.

The Minnesota Resort and Campground Association has launched a new Century Resort designation to recognize resorts that have been in continuous operation for at least 100 years. Six resorts have enrolled, including Peters Sunset Beach Resort in Glenwood.

In the early 1900s, a train conductor named Henry Peters spotted Lake Minnewaska from the engine. He later built the Glenwood Summer Hotel, which opened for business in 1915. It was renamed in 1918. Guests arrived by train, then took a horse and buggy to the hotel. Even while fishing, they wore suits and ties or dresses and nylons.

The family's fourth generation remains at the helm; the fifth generation also pitches in.

The association, a marketing, networking and lobbying group for resorts and campgrounds throughout Minnesota, has also created a Century Campground designation, though no campgrounds have enrolled.

"We're not aware of any campgrounds that have achieved century status yet, but we know some that are getting close," said Dan McElroy, the organization's executive vice president. "Camping didn't really become popular until after World War I."