Alexandria church kicks off Bible reading program for children

Children who meet their monthly reading goals get a coupon for a sub sandwich.

This January, Alexandria Covenant Church is kicking off its 24th year of a program called Bibles by the Bedside, a Bible reading program for students in Grades 1-9.

The amount students read depends on their grade. First-, second-, and third-grade students read 5 minutes a day, while those in Grades 4 and 5 read 10 minutes a day and those in Grades 6-9 read 15 minutes per day. Students have the choice of reading the Bible on their own or listening to YouVersion Bible app or having someone read to them.

They can download calendars and record their daily reading time, signed off by a parent.

The program runs the months of January through April each year. Students who complete their monthly reading goal are rewarded with a Subway sandwich, and Subway restaurants of Alexandria are again sponsoring the program.

In a news release, the church said that over the past 23 years, Subway has rewarded students with almost 2,000 sandwiches.


"That’s a lot of Bible reading and sandwich eating!" the church said.

To register for the program visit .

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