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Fishing report: Anglers waiting through tough August bite

Most area anglers are waiting through the normal slow bite in August as they prepare for things to pick up again in September.

Dick Gustafson, who guides in the area and works at Christopherson Bait in Alexandria, said things are tough right now, especially for those going after walleyes.

“Some of the bass and northerns are off the edge of the weed line in 20 feet maybe would be an average,” Gustafson said. “Some lakes are a little deeper, some shallower. If you want walleyes, they’re pretty tough. You got to be early morning or else later in the evening and the depth there would be, depending on the weed line, around 16-24 feet. Some deeper; 30 feet I heard on Carlos. It’s a tough bite.

“For bass, plastics work, or what we call a jig worm. Walleyes, a jig and a minnow are doing OK on Miltona, but crawlers and leeches are the ticket now. Then Reno is still putting out crappies and the chain is putting out crappies and sunfish as usual.”

Gustafson said he will try to speed things up at this time of year when working for walleyes.

“Sometimes what I kind of believe in and I’ve had success with is running bottom bouncers and spinners at a pretty good speed with a crawler harness,” he said. “I can catch walleyes like that. You got to trigger them by flashing some speed. It goes past them and sometimes they’ll jump at it.”

Anglers shouldn’t have to wait much longer before things pick back up again with the fall bite not far away.

“You can usually always catch bass and usually always can some northerns,” Gustafson said. “The crappies get tough too this time of year. Sometimes they move out from the weeds and suspend over deeper water and can be very difficult to find.”