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Fishing report: Fish showing up along deeper weed lines

Anglers are finding walleyes through popular summer tactics right now by using Lindy Rigs and spinners tipped with a nightcrawler or leech being the way to go.

“We’ve settled into that summer-time bite when things don’t change a lot,” Dana Freese of Christopherson Bait in Alexandria said on Monday. “[Walleyes] are starting to move slightly deeper. I’m not talking to guys who are catching too many fish in deep, mid-lake type structure, but the average depth has started to go a little deeper. Some of our clearer, deep lakes are starting to put out fish now. You got a few fish off of Ida. Miltona has been pretty good, Chain of Lakes has been good. There, guys are fishing 15-25 feet, depending on weather conditions.”

Weed beds in deeper waters have been hard to find on many area lakes, but the ones that have grown are holding fish.

“It’s starting and it’s still not as heavy of weeds as what we get some years on most of the area lakes,” Freese said. “Whether they’re ever going to come, I don’t completely know. We’re starting to catch up and bass and pike are active along the weed lines now.”

Anglers who can find some of those deeper weed beds have an opportunity to target a lot of different species now with fish congregating to those areas.

“You can go out on the deep weed line on a lot of those area lakes in 10-15 feet, depending on how clear the water is,” Freese said. “You can catch bass and pike and you can catch some walleyes and crappies along those areas. The sunfish have finished up their spawn, and they’re starting to show up out there. Right now, you can find that deep weed line and fish for that mixed bag, which can be a lot of fun.”

Eric Morken

Eric Morken is the sports and outdoor editor at the Echo Press and Osakis Review newspapers in Douglas County, MN. Follow him on Twitter at echo_sports.

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